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Zimbabwe’s Sudan Embassy looted The Government invited a total of 46 countries, 17 organisations and two prominent individuals to observe the 2023 harmonised elections, Foreign Affairs and International Trade spokesperson, Mr Livit Mugejo has said.

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has confirmed the attacks on Zimbabwe’s properties in the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan.

The Ministry’s spokesperson, Mr Livit Mugejo confirmed the looting of the properties in a statement, Tuesday.

“I can confirm that our properties in Sudan were destroyed by some of the fighting forces in the country taking advantage that we have evacuated our people and taking advantage of the current war going on there.

“It’s not only Zimbabwe (whose properties have been destroyed) but we have heard that most of the other countries have been targeted. It’s sheer criminality, to take advantage of the war to loot properties of our diplomats and the property of our embassy there. This is an unfortunate incident which is currently happening in Sudan,” he said.

Zimbabwe evacuated over 100 of its embassy staff in April following the breakout of the conflict between Sudan’s regular army and a paramilitary force.

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