Zimbabweans in diaspora join in mourning Queen Elizabeth II

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Zimbabweans in diaspora join in mourning Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II visited the Great Zimbabwe monument in October 1991

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Dr Masimba Mavaza

Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom have joined the world in mourning the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Acting Zanu PF UK chairman Cde Xavier Muneyinazvo Zavare led the Zimbabwean mourners by saying: “The great she elephant has fallen. The Queen has departed and this day has been painted black.”

He quoted the Queen’s own words: “Grief is the price we pay for love”.

There has been so much pouring of grief in the United Kingdom and the whole world folowing her death.

There has been never in the history of any country that power shakes the roots in successive days. The week preceeding Queen Elizabeth’s death saw her receiving the resignation of Prime Minister Borris Johnson and then receiving the new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

What makes it more touching is her dedication to serve the people, her people. She was at work till death. She devotedly carried her duties to the end.

It was indeed a week of mixed feelings for the United Kingdom – a prime minister resigning, another being appointed and then the Queen dying, with a new King being inaugurated.

Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 at Balmoral in Scotland and the Palace lights have been switched off as is tradition.

The world is mourning the departure of a true mother leader of the United Kingdom and the longest serving monarch.

Even though the statement announcing here death said: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon”, her death still remained shocking and painful.

The King and The Queen Consort had to remain at Balmoral on Thursday  evening with the Queen’s body.

Her death came more than a year after her husband Prince Philip passed away.

Tributes across the world have been pouring in for Her Majesty. She was so loved by many, especially her United Kingdom country folk.

Johnson in May paid tribute to the Queen saying: “Since the Palace of Westminster was founded more than a thousand years ago, it has seen war and peace, plague and plenty, the rise and fall of empires.

And all kinds of revolutions – scientific, industrial, political and ecumenical, stylistic and almost 50 monarchs.

“In trying to rank the achievements of those monarchs it must be admitted that not all of them set exemplary standards of personal behaviour and quite a few were removed violently and prematurely from office but in our history no monarch has ever served this country so long as this one with the first Platinum Jubilee ever, but far more importantly no monarch has ever served it so well.”

When Barack Obama was asked at the end his time as president which world leader had impressed him most he paused and his mind doubtless ran through the gallery of contemporary figures and he said Queen Elizabeth.

Many say observed that never in the world of power you will ever meet a person who has stayed long in power, but remains that humble.

And this is why the people of the United Kingdom will be unabashed in celebrating not just the institution of the Crown, but the individual who wore it.

Queen Elizabeth II, who led her country through good times and bad times, has run her race and God has given her the rest.

She dedicated her life to her people, to her beloved Commonwealth and to the very idea of what a constitutional monarchy can and should be.

Across all her realms, she has offered counsel and wisdom to more than 170 heads of government, including two generations of Trudeaus.

She is the holder of at least seven world records, including the most summer Olympiads opened by one person.

Although at only one such ceremony did she parachute out of a helicopter in a pink dress.

And of course there was one Olympic medal ceremony when she could claim to have bred both the rider – the Princess Royal – and the horse, a claim that will likely go unrivalled for some time to come.

Johnson said: “And if you needed evidence of the mark she has made on our capital city, not one, but two London transport lines have been named in her honour and it is not so much what she has done as the way she has done it getting the best out of people inspiring them to serve others and to serve their communities, helping to create that invisible thread of pride and allegiance that tugs on all our hearts and makes us happy to serve or at least to do something for our country in the way that she serves this country.”

No monarch by her efforts and dedication and achievement better deserves the attribute of greatness as Queen Elizabeth the Great.

Fare thee well Queen Elizabeth. Long Live the King Charles III.

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