Zimbabweans hold mothers in honour Apostle Farai Chipoyera (left) of Kingdom Prosperity Ministries receives International Mother’s Day presents from church members, Mrs Melissa Madondo and Mr Tafara Matondo in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Innocent Makawa.

Elita Chikwati-Senior Reporter 

Mother’s Day yesterday saw some Zimbabweans presenting gifts to their biological mothers, others to their spiritual mothers while some had the opportunity to honour aunts, sisters and grandmothers who raised and provided for them in the absence of their mothers.

Mothers have been described as a rare species that has strength and unconditional love.

In her message on Mother’s Day, First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa expressed concern over Covid-19, which has taken many lives and urged mothers to pray for the nation and the leaders to find a lasting solution to the pandemic. 

“As a mother I am worried by the surge in teen pregnancies as we saw at the end of the previous Covid-19 induced lockdown that many of our daughters failed to return to school after falling pregnant. Falling pregnant at a tender age exposes our children to serious health challenges, poverty and sexually transmitted infections among many other challenges,” she said.

She also showed concern over the increase of drug abuse and domestic violence as a result of Covid-19 and urged mothers to have time to listen to their children’s challenges and proffer solutions where possible.

Amai Mnangagwa expressed concern over the increase in children being murdered for ritual purposes. 

“We have no place for killers in our country and (must) avoid behaviours and beliefs that border on the bizarre and lack of respect for the sanctity of human life. The law must take its course and ensure perpetrators of such heinous crimes are removed from society and be made to rot in jail. We all have a role to play in raising morally upright children in a safe environment,” she said.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, told The Herald that as a Cabinet minister, who is also a mother, she takes special pride in, and reveres the celebration of the universal Mother’s Day. 

“As we receive goodwill messages, cards, flowers, wines and an assortment of gifts, we must cherish our eternal and sacred duty of ensuring the perpetual continuity of the human race. We have those special and exciting nine months as our collective badge that ends up in a burst of the joy of life. 

“There is the ensuing tender care all the way to maturity and beyond. Our duty of shaping the building bricks of family, community, society, nationals and the global humanity. Let’s share the auspicious occasion as we bond tight to our husbands, our men, our boys and our daughters and all from further afield,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

On their twitter account yesterday, the UN Women celebrated mothers: “Today, we want to thank mothers everywhere, in all shapes and forms, for the immeasurable contributions that they make every day. On #MothersDay, we show our appreciation for mothers and caregivers & make visible their contributions to the lives and futures of our next generation”.

Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (Alcoz) founder Ms Loveness Mainato, who looks after children with albinism, said being a mother was a great honour as it bestowed a sense of responsibility on someone.

“I am obliged to take God’s duties as a mother to the vulnerable children with albinism. It makes me feel my worthiness to the society. I treat all the children equally the same. I’m a proud super mum. I raise my shoulders higher as I celebrate Mother’s Day,” she said.

Apostle Farai Chipoyera of Kingdom Prosperity Ministries, who received flowers and gifts from her congregation, said motherhood meant caring, loving, raising kids, rebuking them, shaping their destiny, guiding them, leading them.

“Motherhood means warning children about dangers that lie in wait in life, teaching them the ways of God, prayer, fasting, word, principles, generosity . . . teaching them how to be a good spouse, how to build a solid marriage, mentorship and much more,” she said.

Apostle Chipoyera said mothers should be honoured and respected all the time with children recognising their role in their lives.

Zimbabwe Indigenous Women Farmers Association Trust president Mrs Depinah Nkomo said a mother was an important figure in a family and the nation as a whole.

“Mothers sacrifice their lives ensure families are well fed. Mothers have joined their male counterparts in farming businesses and we are taking it seriously producing food for our families, nation and export markets.

“No matter what circumstances mothers do not give up on their families and as such women farmers should continue working hard to feed the nation and contribute towards the well-being of the nation,” she said.

Harare woman, Mrs Faith Zemba said Mother’s Day was not only for biological mothers but anyone who plays a role in the upbringing of a child.

“Mothers come in different forms and we should cherish and honour them,” she said.

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