Zimbabwean producer shines in US

Zimbabwean producer shines in US Prince Desire Magomo
Prince Desire Magomo

Prince Desire Magomo

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
United States-based Zimbabwean musician Prince Desire Magomo aka “Flavour P” is lifting the country’s flag high in a foreign land as a music video producer, entertainer, beat maker, graphic designer and a proud owner of a record label.

In an interview with The Herald Review Flavour P said he is proud to work in a foreign land and make waves.

“I came to the US in 2008 and back then had experienced a different Zimbabwean musical culture than the prevailing one,” Magumo said.

Just like many artistes from across the globe, Magumo has a name he goes by so as to market his various art forms which he feels has better impact and is easy to relate with.

“My stage name was Flavour P, but I changed it when I arrived in the US to my real name Prince Desire,” he said.

Collaborating with other artistes has also proved fruitful for him joining forces with Jusa Dementor who introduced him to Simukai Mandizvidza, aka DJ Simz.

They collaboration helped produce his first album outside of Zimbabwe called “Original Zimbo”.

As a producer and beat maker, he created some beats and Dementor played a pivotal role making sure the production met international standards.

“This Album accorded Dementor first success stories, leading to the household name of DJ Abra Simz on radio interviews and UK events,” Magomo said.

“I really wanted to travel around the world and share with my fans the album but round that time promoters were supporting Sungura,” he said.

Even though the album made waves online, it was difficult to bring to the Diaspora new talent because of controversial talks on supporting young music.

The beats were on i-Tunes for a while with massive downloads given for free to target audience.

“Unsigned and alone from my home the transition was not an easy task. I was a student in Northland College, a University located in a small town dominated by whites.

“I felt disconnected from Zimbabwe for a while and thought my dreams and music hopes had drifted away because I had no idea where to get the same energy I had back home,” Magomo said.

“I moved to Arizona hopping reclaim what I thought I had lost and found myself being a producer and beat maker again,”he added.

Learning to adapt with American kids, my creative level was slow and very low until Earl Banks a client who had showed up to get some creative graphic designing from his educational expertise showed up in his studio. He needed a website created and for some reason during the web creation, he managed to play for him his new music that Magomo had been holding on to for a long time. He had money so he decided to sign Magomo`s studio and the artiste as well.

“In 2010 I released “Crazy Love” as a demo version which was an English-African album,” Magomo said

In the same year Flash Gordon who is based in France helped him by mixing major hits from his first album “Tsono” and coming out perfectly.

“I was nominated and awarded Best African Artist of 2010 by Mzanzi Awards among Kenyan Society and Southern African Talented artistes,” Magomo said.

“In 2010 my studio was also nominated and awarded Best Producer and Production studio of 2010 in Arizona African Community,” he added.

Making his name in Arizona and learning a lot in the music industry then inspired him to form his own record company Royal Entertainment International.

“At this time I released many singles for locals in the US but didn’t want to expose myself then as I felt I still needed to work hard and achieve international recognition,” Magomo said.

To keep up with his fans in Zimbabwe Magomo has for some time been releasing Shona singles in the foreign land.

“I always release free Shona singles once in a while just to keep up with my Zimbabwean fans, but I have always been an artiste that dreamt big and to set an example to everyone who look up to me as their ambassador,”he said.

In 2015 he has been working on producing “Farida Caprice” aka “Gamuchirai Gute” an international pop album in efforts to help her land a record deal in US.

Producer “King Of Melody”, from China is helping with beat creativity and Nyasha Makambira from Canada also part of the beat composition.

With his recording company links, Magomo also managed to secure Hollywood producer Jerad Lynch who also engineers celebrity music.

In Caprice’s album, his task is to ensure her music is available for movie sound placements and US radio quality standards. This album is set to showcase her other vocal ranges and talent in a way that the world will be surprised how much Zimbabwe can do given the same opportunities US celebrities are given.

We are also planning a possible world tour in 2016 for her with some other African female artistes from Nigeria and Zambia starting from US to Canada and then UK.

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