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Zimbabwe has no real problems Dzikamai Mavhaire
Minister Mavhaire

Minister Mavhaire

Political Mondays With Amai Jukwa
There are no separatists fighting for a chunk of Manicaland. There is virtually no risk of military conflict with any of our neighbours. We have no reason to fear a terrorist attack. Our climate is often voted the best in the world. Our people are peaceful and crime is unlike in South Africa
THE only problem Zimbabwe has is a cultural one. Reading about the Chisumbanje project and how Temba Mliswa connected Rautenbach to various facilitators to get the go-ahead for the project, one quickly realises that our only problem is a human problem.

We have developed a “something for something” culture where some of those in positions of authority refuse to carry out their duties unless they are bribed.
If they are not bribed they execute their duties with an attitude that suggests they are doing you a favour.

I cannot see why, if Rautenbach’s claims are true, there was any need for him to conscript the services of a fitness trainer to set up the Chisumbanje ethanol plant in this country.

Something is very wrong.
Mliswa is simply a big fish and should not be victimised, the culture extends to the lowest levels of society.
A visit to the passport office reveals that Zimbabwean workers are actually very efficient; you simply need to pay a bribe first.

Once you release US$40 to a civil servant at the passport office they will suddenly become polite and exceedingly helpful, treating you with courtesy and offering customer service that we all thought no longer existed in this country.

These errant workers are not the problem, those who manage them are sleeping on the wheel and just don’t care what happens.
Whipping these rowdy civil servants is not an impossible task; those in positions of responsibility are not doing what they should.

Newspapers often accuse Zanu-PF of behaving with impunity. There could be grounds for such accusations. The mistake is to think that Zanu-PF’s impunity is unique. It certainly is not. It has recently been revealed that DHL Zimbabwe is levying additional charges against Zimbabweans for parcels that would already have been paid for.

The company has failed to explain the nature of those charges and continues to levy them. Why should DHL Zimbabwe answer the questions of small people?

What is worse is the total indifference from Government.
It is nothing short of remarkable that the authorities are not particularly concerned when it is discovered that a multinational company is fleecing our people in plain sight.

This comes back to the issue of people who are supposed to be doing their job not doing it. Who is responsible for regulating DHL and why have they not come out with a statement?

None of these problems are real in any way. It is simply an attitude that risks developing into a culture.
Professor Jonathan Moyo’s press statement over the weekend made for refreshing reading.

A point had to be made. This country is not a personal bedroom where an official can just decide to open the window and close it as he pleases.
The nature of public service is that you are accountable to the public.

The police capriciously cancelled a previously sanctioned peaceful march without even attempting to explain themselves. The attitude they displayed betrayed an impudence that has become all too common in public officials.

Mavhaire was recently quoted as telling a journalist “if my secretaries do not have a response then that means there is no response for you” in response to questions about mandatory blending.

In any progressive society that would warrant a strong rebuke.
Potraz refuses to disclose how much money it is holding in the Universal Service Fund.

The fund draws from 0,5 percent of the turnover of mobile operators.
If we know how much money Chinamasa has in the treasury on what basis does Potraz feel that it should be insulated from public scrutiny?
That is public money. That is all beside the point.

Where do they get the confidence to put in place such policies when dealing with public money?
The police misbehaving, Mavhaire’s arrogance, Potraz refusing to disclose how much money it has, civil servants demanding to be bribed and politicians demanding a cut to facilitate legitimate business cannot be considered real problems.

This culture is sabotaging this country. As hopefully demonstrated here, it is pervasive and goes right to the bottom.

Ndatenda, ndini muchembere wenyu Amai Jukwa.

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