Zimbabwe Agricultural Show starts tomorrow Dr Matibiri

Elita Chikwati Senior Agric Reporter

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Show (ZAS) will now start tomorrow to allow exhibitors to finish preparations.

The show was initially scheduled to start today. ZAS chief executive Dr Andrew Matibiri has confirmed the new developments.

Briefing journalists this morning, Dr Matibiri said there has been an increase in the participation of exhibitors.

“Space uptake to date is 50 500 square metres compared to 40 200 last year signifying an increase in confidence and increase in confidence in the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show as a centre for interaction between business and potential customers despite challenges that surround the effects of Covid-19 global pandemic.

“To date, we have received enquiries and confirmations from various countries but it must be noted that the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show focuses on local business,” he said.

The show will be officially opened on Thursday.

“Arrangements have been made to ensure that this is a high profile event,” he said.

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