Zim youths remembering  our heroes in digital era Tinotenda Marshall Tsingano

Reginald Chirenje-Youth Interactive Writer

In 1960 growing African nationalism led to several countries across the continent shaking off the yoke of colonial rule and gaining independence.

As the blood of the republic of Zimbabwe’s heroes’ flows beneath our freedom, giving us the memory for expression of joy and every fruit, wisdom was watered by the blood of those who sacrificed their lives for our independence.

Due to all this, the nation has to keep our heroes and heroines alive in our minds. Tinotenda Marshall Tsingano a young talented content creator and a comedian aged 19 from Chitungwiza released a short video as a mark and reflection of Zimbabwe’s special day.

In a four-minute video which went viral on social media,” data comedy” portrayed himself as a liberator giving a narration on the Chimurenga experience.

Such talent and creativity of promoting Zimbabwe’s history with entertainment at the same time as that of Tinotenda is rare to find in contemporary society and the world at large.

“Social media and other online communication data content will surely be used by future historians to learn about our times. It will not be the only source material; as current traditional sources will still remain.

“New media is already used as a new type of data by contemporary scholars in various disciplines such as political sciences, history among others.

Hence as the young content creators we should upload and circulate content which both entertain and give a reflection of the ones who contributed for our independence especially at times like these in keeping our history alive” he added. Tsingano popularly known as “Detta Comedy” discovered his talent of being able to entertain and educate through story telling in 2014 when he was Grade 6.

With technology advancement, he further created social media platforms such as youtube and tik tok where he shares content since his target are the youths.

“The majority of the young generation are selling their souls to the world. They have forgotten that heroes and heroines used their bodies to cement the foundation of today’s freedom. They have forgotten who sacrificed for them to be where they are today.

“Having all this in mind made me create something which has to act as a reminder as we commemorate the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who gave their all towards the liberation of the nation from Rhodesia white minority rule” Tinotenda  said.

National Heroes Day is a celebration of goodness. It reminds the nation about the goodness that surrounds us and how we are all capable of infinite kindness.

The Zimbabwean Government has made an effort in keeping the history of the liberators alive by introducing history subjects in the educational curriculum, construction of heroes acres nationwide, conducting memorial gala’s and erecting  statues such heroes as Mbuya Nehanda and Joshua Nkomo.

These efforts have been greatly appreciated by the majority of the citizens who realise  the importance keeping Zimbabwe’s history alive.

Zimbabwe heroes laid down their lives for our freedom, subordinating personal interest to the collective interest of the nation as a whole, they cherished qualities such as loyalty, dedication and patriotism.

Their actions were guided by their patriotism. Their support for the cause of freedom and justice was indeed unwavering.

They managed to accept and endured pain, suffering and brutality with fortitude..

Hence the youth of today must grab opportunities given unto them by the Government and make use of  initiatives which promote the wishes, efforts and ideologies of our heroes.

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