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Zim will emerge from sanctions: Makandiwa

05 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views
Zim will emerge from sanctions: Makandiwa Prophet Makandiwa

The Herald

Herald Reporter
United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said Zimbabwe will soon emerge from the shackles of sanctions that have constricted development, warning that those bent on cursing the country would attract God’s wrath.

Speaking to thousands of congregants at the church’s Chitungwiza Basilica on Sunday, Prophet Makandiwa said those powerful nations that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe would soon be shocked at how this country would begin to flourish, adding those particular countries would begin to wither if they continued to curse Zimbabwe.

“Sanctions is not an economic term, it’s witchcraft. It means whatever power you have it will not work for you.

“We know how sanctions can destroy any nation regardless of who is in charge.  But I believe that God has this country at heart and it is this God who is returning the country to prosperity.

“Zimbabwe will prosper very soon. There is no country with the word of God such as this one. God is about to do something,” said Prophet Makandiwa to much applause from the congregants.

Zimbabwe has been wallowing under illegal sanctions imposed by the West for political reasons. Recently, United States President Donald Trump renewed sanctions through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act.

The sanctions have immensely affected the economy as such institutions as the International Monetary Fund have withheld funding while those keen to help Zimbabwe have been prevented from doing so due to bans on transactions involving Zimbabwe within the global financial system.

The country has failed to benefit from many facilities and programmes accessed by other nations on the continent as the sanctions albatross has continued to hang over its head.

However, Prophet Makandiwa said such manoeuvres would not hold any longer.

“Kune dzimwe nyika dzichasara nemakey muhomwe asi chain dzakadonha kare. (Some of these countries will have the fallacy that their sanctions are still having an effect when in fact Zimbabwe would have escaped such bondage.)

He drew parallels to the story of Peter in the Book of Acts who managed to escape from prison supernaturally. Prison guards woke up to find them gone yet all locks on the doors and gates were intact.

Prophet Makandiwa warned other nations to handle Zimbabwe with care.

“Zimbabwe has now become a very sensitive nation. It will cause other nations to go down if these nations are not careful. There are fortified nations that never had problems in the past,  but they have to be very careful now in the way they handle Zimbabwe’s matters.”

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