Zim to regain bread basket status —ED President Mnangagwa consoles Mr Kudakwashe Tagwirei while flanked by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga before the burial of the businessman’s father, Sekuru Phineas Tagwirei, in Shurugwi recently. — (Picture by John Manzongo)

Freedom Mupanedemo in Shurugwi
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday said Zimbabwe was on track to regain its bread basket status owing to the highly successful Command Agriculture Programme. Speaking at the burial of Sekuru Phineas Tagwirei, father to Sakunda Holdings director Mr Kudakwashe Tagwirei at the Tagwirei homestead here, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe kissed hunger goodbye when it embarked on Command Agriculture with the support of Sakunda Holdings.

“As the country continues to face persistent years of droughts, we sat as Government and said we are a blessed country tucked between Zambezi and Limpopo river so why droughts?

“We then thought of Command Agriculture and together with our partners Sakunda Holdings, the country is doing well in food security,” said the President.

He thanked Mr Tagwirei and Sakunda Holdings for assisting Government by funding Command Agriculture.

“He (Mr Tagwirei) is my nephew, so is the deceased. But we are here as Government mourning the loss because of the contribution that the Tagwirei family is making to our economy. Yes, we must mourn and curse death but we must also celebrate life and the good job that this family is doing to the country.”

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe was an agrarian economy utilising land to fight drought. He said Zimbabwe under Command Agriculture had mastered the art of farming and droughts will now be a thing of the past.

“We now know how many hectares of land to put the crop for us to have enough food to feed the country. We now know the number irrigated farms. We also need to have enough food for the nation.

“This is all because of the expertise that we gathered under Command Agriculture so we no longer have problem of droughts in the country,” he said. The President reiterated the need for unity among Zimbabweans. He said people should shun hate speech and learn to accommodate each other.

“Every time a get a platform to address a gathering, I preach peace and unity especially in our party Zanu-PF. I have heard some peddling hate speech at their gatherings but I say to them let that demonic spirit leave them.

“Let there be peace,” said President Mnangagwa. He said the Tagwirei family should find comfort in the huge numbers of mourners and the role it had played in ensuring food security in the country.

“Some people are known for their bad deeds but some like the late Sekuru Tagwirei are known for the good deeds as evidenced by the huge number of people who have come to mourn with you.

“You must find comfort in that,” he said.
Mr Tagwirei thanked Government and the President for making time to mourn with the family.

“We have different gifts and we complement each other for us to succeed. This is what we are doing with Command Agriculture with the President leading us as the head,” he said.

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