Zim seeks to benefit  from Malaysia experience

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Zimbabwe’s engineering and construction industry is set to tap from global cutting edge expertise as the Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (ZBCA) is participating at the ongoing Malaysia International Building and Construction Industry Showcase which started on Wednesday and ends today.

The Malaysia International Building and Construction Industry Showcase 2023, aims to serve as a platform for both local and international builders and contractors to find solutions and be exposed to forward-looking ideas.

Malaysia has modernised its engineering and construction industry which is growing in stature. Zimbabwe, which is experiencing a boom in infrastructure development under the Second Republic, has shown eagerness to share experiences with best performing global industry players.

The country’s delegation also met the Malaysian Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association who want to set up an assembly shop in Zimbabwe.

The envisaged plant seeks to correct the electricity supply challenges and their technology works for 12 hours after power is gone.

ZBCA president Mr Petros Kagwere said they were keen to learn from global best practices. “We are excited that we have met a lot of contractors and our engagement was emphasised on collaboration with them.

“We will be visiting some of their sites and the major take-home is that they are willing to come to Zimbabwe as well,” said Mr Kagwere.

Contractor and Zimbuild chief executive officer Dr Tinashe Manzungu said they were participating in the showcase to replicate best international practices back home.

“We have met contractors, all those in the construction industry all over the world. We have met with investors, funders and long-term contractors,” said Dr Manzungu.

“This is a learning curve. Since the coming in of the Second Republic, Government has trusted local expertise. We do not want to betray that trust. We are always on the lookout for best international practices as a prerequisite for an upper-middle income economy.

“We are here in Malaysia to learn, adapt and modernise our construction as a country because their construction has evolved.

“We look forward to further engagements. They are willing to come to fund some projects, among other initiatives,” said Dr Manzungu.

ZBCA women’s desk chair Ms Galdencia Sigauke said: “Zimbabwe has been promoting women who are in the construction sector and Malaysia is doing the same.

“I feel challenged that women are doing a lot of projects and we hope our Government will keep on supporting and capacitating us to do even better.”

ZBCA chief executive officer Ms Joyline Zindanga said: “We had an opportunity to speak with industry players where there is a lot of potential for partnerships. Our target is technological transfer.”

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