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Zim rapper thrills fans in China

07 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Zim rapper thrills fans in China Maxy Jay

The Herald

Tanaka Mahanya Features writer

China-based Zimbabwean Maxie Julius aka Maxy Jay (22) is keen on promoting African culture to the rest of the world through music.

He started music at Chinhoyi High School, mostly performing famous rap songs at school gigs. Maxie recorded his own music in 2014 in Zengeza, but later moved to China.

“I have managed to get airplay in South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia and China, and the feedback is quite overwhelming,” he said.

He did a seven track mixtape in 2017 titled “Half of Me” which has some songs played on local radio stations. His audience mostly consists of university students and young people from around the world. Maxie Jay urged Zimbabweans who want to join the entertainment industry to keep going, despite any challenges they might be facing.

“Some days are brighter than others, but what is needed is determination and passion for one to achieve their goals,” he said.

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