Zim musician makes waves in Ukraine

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Zim musician makes  waves in Ukraine scene from Ceeblazer’s video ‘Muroora’

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In  an age of the phenomenal growth of Afropop music dominated by Nigerian and East African artistes, Zimbabwe may soon be ending its search for a Davido or a Diamond Platinumz.

Twenty-three-year old Courage Dhuku, also known as Ceeblazer, is the rising star that could carry a nation’s hope: the Ukraine-based musician has become a sensation on the Internet following the release of his track, “Zondo” which has amassed close to 100 000 views on his YouTube channel since June 8.

The video is super-hot with racy scenes as characters indulge in a raunchy motif which, of course, accords with the idea of “Zondo”, a well-fabled Zimbabwean meal of beef trotters.

Ceeblazer’s directors are Kingslee ( a.k.a Amajinaka Chukuma)  and Dharmy David from Nigeria.

“Zondo” is leading a number of the singer’s hits that have generated interest on YouTube such as “Lele”. “African girl” and “Murora”.

Ceeblazer is not exactly new on the scene, having previously recorded songs with Tocky Vibes and Stunner but the vibe has surely changed.

“I recorded my first song in 2013 on October 28. I did a song with Stunner called Jibilika and with Tocky Vibes called Muzezuru,” he said.

“It was good much thanks to my brother Stunner he was so humble when we did our song it was so nice he is down to earth a good artist to work with not like others who will not even reply to your messages. Tocky vibes also he is so humble we did our song for free he didn’t charge anything he is also a cool person to work with.

“My first hit song was Murora which hit 200 000 views in two months before we removed it from YouTube because I opened my channel so I can place my music there. I kept on working I released another song called ‘African Girl’ and ‘Lele’. Both songs are doing well, but so far ‘Zondo’ is amazing. It hits 80k views in 6 days after it is released so I think we are improving slowly but surely.”

Ceeblazer says he has not received much airplay in Zimbabwe but is soon to bridge that gap – and also run for the money spinning pay-TV on the continent.

The artiste, grew up in Zimbabwe in Harare. He is the first born in a family of two boys. He attended Marimba Park Primary School and proceeded to Rusununguko Secondary School in Bromley, Marondera, and to Oriel Oriel Boys High.

He says he started singing at the age of nine.

He currently lives in the town of Dnepropetrovsk, central Ukraine and a cultural hub, where he is studying and working.

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