Zim, Mozambique to develop science, agric technology partnership

14 Jul, 2022 - 18:07 0 Views
Zim, Mozambique to develop science, agric technology partnership Ambassador Matemadanda (second from left) arriving for a meeting in Tete.

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Dr Masimba Mavaza

Zimbabwe and Mozambique will develop a new partnership on science and technology to strengthen collaboration between the two countries in creating jobs and increasing food security.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Mozambique Victor Matemadanda said this after meeting with the secretary of State Mrs Elisa Zacarias in Tete province.

Mrs Zacarias promised to lead a group of business people to Zimbabwe to work on possible joint ventures with their Zimbabwean counterparts in agriculture, with special emphasis on horticulture.

Ambassador Matemadanda said Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi was excited to see this programme succeed.

The two countries are interested in agricultural projects that feed the two countries and reduce reliance on imports.

This project which Ambassador Matemadanda has revived was the brainchild of the late Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries Water and Rural Development, Perrance Shiri. His death brought the programme to a halt.

Ambassador Matemadada said the two groups will be exchanging notes and putting the programme in motion.

“We have a historical friendship which had not translated into the economic benefits. By setting this programme into motion, I am executing direct instructions of President Mnangagwa and President Nyusi to develop this partnership.

The partnership will help progress the principles enshrined in the agreement between the two Presidents in Maputo four months ago.

Ambassador Matemadanda was confident that there will be future cooperation between the two countries.

“Zimbabwe and Mozambique have today agreed to deepen ties on agriculture and create a new era of strategic cooperation in the field.

“The two countries have agreed to develop a landmark science and technology partnership to strengthen the valued Zimbabwe-Mozambique relationship, creating jobs and protecting the security of our citizens and guaranteeing food security.

“Both nations have set out their ambition to continue to lead the world in research and development, investing in our expertise and capacity to create wealth and tackle inequality, through agriculture.

“Agriculture must be harnessed and flow to support economic growth, public safety and scientific and technological progress,’’ said Ambassador Matemadanda.

“It will see the countries work towards a new statement of intent to help realise the full potential of farming.”

He said the two nations had also committed to continuing to broaden collaboration on rice farming and science and technology to help facilitate the eradication of poverty and hunger, as they hope to combine their expertise to tackle global hunger.

“Today’s meeting marks a new era of cooperation with our closest ally, in which we commit to using technology to create prosperity and guarantee the safety and security of our citizens for years to come,” said Ambassador Matemadanda.

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