Zim, Moza urged to collaborate in tourism

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Zim, Moza urged to collaborate in tourism Adv Dinha

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Cletus Mushanawani recently in Tete, Mozambique
ZIMBABWE, Mozambique and Zambia should collaborate in the development of the Luanga confluence to develop tourism in the area.

Speaking during a meeting between a delegation from Mashonaland Central and Tete Province in Mozambique recently, Minister of State for Mashonaland Provincial Affairs, Advocate Martin Dinha, said the political co-operation between Zimbabwe and Mozambique should economically benefit the citizens of the two countries.

The trip to Mozambique followed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s engagement with his SADC counterparts where the issue of regional integration took centre stage.

President Mnangagwa has since instructed provincial ministers to engage their counterparts in neighbouring countries to come up with win-win situations that will benefit all the countries.

“We have a lot of areas where the two countries can benefit from,” said Minister Dinha. “One area of collaboration is the tourism sector, especially the Ruanga confluence which borders Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia.

“This is one of the most beautiful areas which can be developed to promote tourism between the three countries. This area remains underdeveloped, yet there is a lot of wildlife there.”

Minister Dinha said as part of its rebranding efforts, Zimbabwe was upgrading its infrastructure, especially the road and railway network.

“Zimbabwe is interested in the linking of the two countries’ road and railway networks, he said. Zimbabwean Government is revamping its railway network following the acquiring of new wagons and we want to feed into the Mozambican railway network.

“Zimbabwe has come up with an investment framework which creates more opportunities for investors. As Mashonaland Central, our major focus is on mining, agriculture and education.”

Minister Dinha said the crossing areas between Zimbabwe and Mozambique should be upgraded as the volume of people using them was increasing.

“We need to have proper infrastructure at the crossing areas which are being used by our people, he said. The two countries stand to benefit from the revenue that will be collected at these points. Our collaborations should continue expanding.”

Addressing the same meeting, the director of Mozambique’s Tete Province One-Stop Shop, Mr Domingos Macajo, said Zimbabwe was the fifth biggest investor in the province after India, China, South Africa and Nigeria.

“We have a lot of opportunities that Zimbabwean businesspeople can take advantage of, he said. “A company is registered within a day here. There are so many areas to explore on, ranging from agriculture, fishing, mining, power generation to tourism.

“We want to ensure that Tete Province, which is the third largest province in Mozambique, continues to grow and attracts commercial banks.”

Tete provincial governor, Mr Paulo Auade, called for the setting up of a drafting committee that will come up with a special document to be presented to the two countries’ central governments.

The committee, made up of three representatives from the two countries, was immediately set up and is already working on the co-operation blueprint.

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