Zim lawyers hold arbitration training

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Zim lawyers hold arbitration training Mr Davison Kanokanga

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Zimbabwe is currently holding the first Arbitration Training for lawyers following a recent survey conducted by the Law Society of Zimbabwe which revealed that there was a massive need for them to have this type of training.

The two-day training workshop is being held in Harare in conjunction with the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) and they are various speakers drawn from different parts of the world such as the United Kingdom Canada, USA, Nigeria, Italy, Kenya and Zimbabwe, among others.

Some of the speakers include Harare lawyer Mr Davison Kanokanga, Mr Tolu A Deremi Ciarb (U K) who is the co- founder of the Alternative Dispute Solutions ADR Centre, David N Juguna Njoroge (Kenya), Mr Aaron Peron Ogletree (Canada), Mr Arnold Z. Chikazhe (Zimbabwe), Ms Rose Rameau (Ghana), Mr Stephen P. Anway (USA), Mr Bruce Ally (Canada), Mr Gia Comorojas Elgueta (Italy) and Mrs Maria Beatrice Deli from Italy.

Zimbabwe currently has three arbitral institutions which are Commercial Arbitration Centre-Harare (CAC), founded in 1995 by lawyers Mr Muchadeyi Ashton Masunda and Mr Ian Donovan and the second one is the Africa Institute of Mediation and Arbitration (AIMA) which was established by Mr Justice Moses Chinhengo (retired) in 2013.

The latest one is the Alternative Dispute Solutions Centre (The Centre) which was established in 2020 by Mr Davison Kanokanga, Mr Aaron Peron Ogletree (USA) and Mr Arnold Z Chikazhe (Zimbabwe).

In an interview, Mr Kanokanga said arbitration in Zimbabwe was fast gaining momentum due to its advantages over litigation, and so the centre complements the work being done by the other arbitral institutions.

“No training of ADR practitioners has been taking place in Zimbabwe. Both the CAC and AIMA do not provide training, and so the Centre was established to fill in the aforesaid void. The Centre provides training for current and prospective ADR practitioners in and outside Zimbabwe.

“A survey recently conducted by the Law Society of Zimbabwe amongst lawyers revealed a massive need for arbitration training. The results of the aforesaid survey led to a collaborative arrangement between the Law Society of Zimbabwe and The Centre for the provision of Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) training to lawyers. The first training is scheduled for 24 and 25 November 2021,” he said.

He said the Centre has access to the most eminent and experienced evaluators, arbitrators, mediators and experts from many jurisdictions who resolve business and legal disputes in an efficient, cost-effective and impartial way.

The Centre administers international arbitration and mediation, and acts as an impartial appointment and administering body for all forms of alternative dispute resolution, under the UNCITRAL Rules.

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