Zim launches own social media network

Zim launches own social media network

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Zimbabwe’s now has its own social media network, Wangu, that operates along the same lines as popular social networks like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.

Globally social media has presented opportunities for business and social interaction that has been embraced not only by the young generation but has also permeated all sectors of the economy.

With Zimbabwe emerging as one of the fastest growing consumer groups of technology in Africa, Wangu has stepped to the plate to meet this demand.

The local platform emerged towards the end of last year on a trial basis as a group of young entrepreneurs pooled resources and started inviting people to share experiences on the network.

Wanguzim.com is a social network targeted towards Zimbabweans locally and abroad and makes connecting with friends and discovering new information easier, more fun and more culturally relevant.

A statement issued by Wangu said the network allows members to share photos, videos, music and engage one another in discussion forums.

Just like Facebook and most popular social networks, Wangu members can interact with one another but on a purely Zimbabwean platform.

“Wangu ensures Zimbabwean brands reach Zimbabwean audiences in a growing social environment. Not only does Wangu target Zimbabweans worldwide, but it also creates custom branded experiences for businesses in Zimbabwe, authentically connecting their brands with their consumers.

“Brand pages and traditional media opportunities are available and allow businesses to have a dynamic and responsive online presence,” Wangu said

The statement said the social network connects people with locally relevant information through their friends and other Wangu users who share their interests.

Each member can add his or her profile; upload images, post comments and tips about any subject matter.

For music enthusiasts, Wangu will also promote the Zimbabwe music industry by allowing members and artistes to upload, promote and sell their music online hence reducing piracy.

“This social network will also provide a long time anticipated online music store platform that allows artistes to sell their music online.

Members are allowed to sell or buy music with online payment on Wangu.

In addition, artistes can upload music in order to share or sell their music.”

The presence of Wangu on other social networks such as Facebook ensures that the Zimbabwean flavour remains on the platform that is designed for Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans.

The concept in not unique to Zimbabwe as other countries have also developed the same with France having Skyrock, India — Orkut, Spain — Tuent, United Kingdom’s Bebo and China has QQ.

It is anticipated that in line with Zim-Asset Wangu will make a great impact on the economy and create jobs.

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