Zim invited to join Energy Forum Mr Joseph McMonigle

Alan Caldwell

Zimbabwe, with its rich mineral resources, particularly in iron and lithium, is poised to play a crucial part in the world’s shift to green energy.

The country has recently been invited to join the International Energy Forum (IEF), the largest global gathering of energy-producing and consuming nations.

One of the key factors behind Zimbabwe’s invitation is its vast lithium deposits.

The country is projected to fulfil as much as 25 percent of the world’s lithium demand as early as next year. In addition to lithium, Zimbabwe also boasts significant reserves of iron ore.

The country has embarked on a US$1 billion project at the Manhize plant, aiming to position itself as the leading steel producer in Africa.

President Mnangagwa, who attended the Saudi-Africa Summit, emphasised the Government’s commitment to welcoming investors from oil-rich regions like Saudi Arabia.

He identified agriculture and mining as sectors ripe for investment opportunities.

The IEF secretary-general, Mr Joseph McMonigle, visited President Mnangagwa to discuss Zimbabwe’s potential role in the global energy sector.

He highlighted the country’s critical minerals needed for steel production and energy transition, as well as its significant lithium deposits.

The inclusion of Zimbabwe in the IEF would allow the country to contribute its unique resources and perspectives to the decision-making process.

The IEF forum brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including participating countries from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and OPEC, as well as key energy players like Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa.

The invitation extended to Zimbabwe is seen as an endorsement of the country’s ongoing economic revival and its efforts to engage with the international community.

Zimbabwe’s participation in the forum not only signifies its growing influence in the global energy sector, but also holds promise for its economic development and engagement with the green energy transition.

With its abundant mineral resources, Zimbabwe has the potential to contribute significantly to the world’s pursuit of sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the International Energy Forum (IEF)?

The International Energy Forum (IEF) is the largest gathering of energy-producing and consuming countries, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on global energy security and sustainability.

  1. Why was Zimbabwe invited to join the IEF?

Zimbabwe’s abundant mineral resources, including lithium and iron, position the country as an important player in the global green energy transition. The invitation extended to Zimbabwe recognises its potential contributions to the IEF’s decision-making process and the country’s economic revival.

  1. What are the benefits of Zimbabwe joining the IEF?

By joining the IEF, Zimbabwe can actively participate in shaping global energy policies, contributing its unique resources and perspectives.

It presents opportunities for increased international cooperation, investment, and sustainable energy development for Zimbabwe.

  1. How does Zimbabwe’s participation in the IEF contribute to the global energy sector?

Zimbabwe’s inclusion in the IEF allows the country to share its vast mineral resources, such as lithium, that are crucial for energy transition and sustainable development. It enables Zimbabwe to raise its voice and be part of global efforts to secure and transition towards cleaner and greener energy sources.

  1. What does Zimbabwe’s invitation to join the IEF signify?

The invitation extended to Zimbabwe signifies international recognition of the country’s potential in the global energy sector and its commitment to economic revival.

It highlights Zimbabwe’s role in the green energy transition and its capacity to contribute to sustainable development goals. – EnergyPortal.eu.

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