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Organisers of the 13th edition of the PoguesZimbabwe Hip-hop Awards have said preparations are at an advanced stage to host the event, with the nomination list now out ahead of the show.

The event will run under the theme, “Evolution” in recognition of the genre which some have said it was changing and being appreciated in the music sector both locally, regionally and internationally.

The ceremony will be held on December 15 at 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale at a glitz and glamour red carpet affair show.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, awards show founder member Aldrin Harrison, affectionately known as Beefy in the local showbiz sector, said this year was about promoting local.

“The nominations are out and we are excited to announce that the highly anticipated Zimhiphop Awards will be taking place on December 15,” he said.

“The event will be held at the renowned 7Arts Theatre and we are promising an unforgettable night of entertainment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate and honour the best of Zimbabwean hip-hop talent.”

He said no international act is expected this year.

“This year, fans and stakeholders can expect growth,” he said. “You can expect fireworks, this is the country’s longest-running music award show and, we are taking it a step further.

“Last year we had one of the best production sets seen on any awards platform in the country and we are only getting better. We have no international act as we are focusing on our own, promoting local talent.” 

Harrison said radio personality Noxy will be hosting the event with her co-host to be announced soon.

Below are some of the Pogues Zimhip-hop awards Nominees 2023

  Best Male

– Bling4

– Mlue Jay

– Holy Ten

– Bagga

– Saintfloew

– Kayflow

– R Peels

 Best Female

– Noluntu J

– Young Gemini

– Brucella

– Millz Million

– Banshee

– Natasha Muz

Best Collaboration

– VI The Law feat. King Massey – Magitare

– OCD – Amaihwe – Brucella – King remix feat. Asaph, Indigo Saint, M.U.S.E , Luminous, K Brizzy, Mzisstozz

– Boy Tricky – Zvekudaro feat. Dough Major, R Peels, Mycole Biller and Dingo Duke

– R Peels – Gold feat. Kayflow x Seven Cadre

– Bling 4 feat. Voltz JT – Shiri Ngainaiwe

– Malcom Mufunde – Gems feat. RayKaz, Synik, Indigo Saint and M.I.L.E

– Holy Ten x Michael Magz – Mututsva

– Voltz jt feat Nutty O- Makuruwani

 Best Hiphop Group

– OCD (Icey Ekxne x Slyme Foxx)

– Dough Major, Dingo Duke

– Malcom Mufunde, Yaad Universe

– Killemol

– Holy Ten x Michael Magz

 Best Producer

– Nasper Incoming

– Nagbeatz

– Boy Tricky

– VinceGoodBeats

– Progisthename

– VI The Law

Best Newcomer

– Bling4

– VirusZW

– Bagga

– Kayflow

– OCD (Icey Ekxne x Slyme Foxx)

– Brucella

 Best Brand Supporting Hiphop

– 3rd World Chronicles

– Infinity Records ZW

– Club Danger

– Stars29

– Voice of ZimHipHop

– Magamba Network

 Best Album

– Less Talk More Action – Mlue Jay

– Treasure – Malcom Mufunde and Synik

– Holy Ten & Michael Maggz- New Bhundu Boys

– From Sheebenia with Love – Dough Major and Dingo Duke

– A Boy and a Blanket – VI The Law

– Rangu Jira – Virus

– Public Enemy – R Peels

– When Its All Said and Done – Boy Tricky

– Saint floew- Rise and Lead

Best Promoter

– Chucknosis – Fiesta Fiesta

– Voice Of Zimhiphop

– Magamba Network

– Selector Base

– Milan Family Restaurant

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