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Zim film for US festival

12 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Zim film for US festival

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
Following a successful première in Harare last month, Tafadzwa ‘Jack’ Chimbetete’s documentary “The Greater Des Moines Story” will be screened at the Interrobang Film Festival in the United States later this month.

A tale of a community forging alliances with corporate entities with the support of local government, the documentary is an inspirational interrogation of how united cities can thrive.

“The Greater Des Moines Story’ will be screening for the first time in United States at this festival.

“Organisers of the festival felt it important to have a film produced from the perspective of an African to also be shown to the world in the hope of depicting the American state and city in their own perspective.

“I produced the documentary to inspire people around the world on how united communities can thrive, same way I was inspired when I visited the city for the Nelson Mandela Washington Fellowship,” he said.

Running from June 28 to June 30,  Interrobang is a prestigious international film showcase that is an essential part of the Des Moines Arts Festival.

“Des Moines being the capital of Iowa hosts this event inviting International participants who will be competing for awards, recognition and promotion of the works on to a global stage,” said Chimbetete.

“After this festival my film will then be ready for distribution to television channels in America and beyond including here in Africa. There has also been interest of the documentary by other international festivals in Cape Town and other parts of Europe.”

Chimbetete said “The Greater Des Moines Story” is a good way of showcasing what Des Moines is about for those who might want to visit, relocate, do business and interact with people there.

Locally the film was launched in the presence of representatives from the media, Culture Fund Zimbabwe, Harare City Council, United States Embassy, and United Nations among a number of influential stake holders.

Chimbetete is now engaging local partners in producing a local documentary to take with to America and also showcase the potential of the country, sell business and investment opportunities and develop a twinning possibility that has already been engaged.

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