Zim Fashion Awards live up to billing Mudiwahood

Bridget Mavhirima-Arts Reporter

The inaugural Zimbabwe Fashion Awards dubbed “Style Icon Zimbabwe Awards” lived up to billing as everything went according to plan. 

The glitz and glamour event which attracted the who’s and who in the fashion industry from social media influencer and businesswoman Natalie Mhandu to South Africa-based Zimbabwe fashion model Tino Chinyani,who was dressed by 4May International, gathered at Rainbow Towers.

Although the event started a bit late, everyone was dressed for the party and the programme later moved swiftly, hosted by television personality Karen Paida and ZiFm presenter Danny That Guy (real name Danis Dube). 

The show which ran under the theme, “Celebrating fashion in our environment”, was sponsored by The Boss Brand and Style Consultancy in partnership with Gateway Streams. 

For a start the organisers brought their “A” game with the red carpet set up as they brought the 360 video booth, a first in the awards show. 

After being on the “glambot-style”, guests had their pictures taken and interviewed on another red carpet, which was live streaming on the Tik Tok Platform and other social media. 

On the hallway where they were ushered to the auditorium, they walked past fashion exhibitions from various local designers. 

Some of the celebrities who attended the lavish event include Mai Titi, Mudiwahood, Simba Musimbe, one of the richest man in Zimbabwe Patrick Mavros, Joyce Chimanye, Top Model Zimbabwe owner Karin Evans Davidson ,Acie Lumumba, Getrude Rupapa, Hilda Mabu, Craig Reign, Tino Chinyani, Britha Maselethulini, Taremeredza Chipepera, Shacky Timburwa, Miss Zimbabwe Belinda Potts, Adiona Maboreke, Liz Dziva and Stewart Nyamayaro among others. 

Zimdancehall musicians Jah Master and Nutty O brought the house down as they performed their hit songs one after the other while designers such as Paz and Chivz, African Tribe and Zarguesia among others also took turns to present their latest fashion trends during the fashion show. 

Speaking at the event, guest of honour fashion guru designer, Joyce Chimanye ,said she was happy how the industry is being represented and recognised. 

“Finally, we now have what we call our own and I want to thank the patrons for being such a visionaries. 

“I also encourage stakeholders to come and rally behind this concept. Look, they started on a good note and I believe this is not only for this year but years to come,” she said. 

Chimanye brought some of the Zimbabwe Fashion Council members who graced the event. 

One of the patrons of the awards show, Lillian Madyara, said all went according to plan and promised to bring the show back again next year. 

“We thank God for the event and believe you me, it wasn’t easy but we managed to pull it through. I also want to thank my team for their tremendous work and support. 

“Fashion is visual so they went through people’s pages to see the work they have done because people that are working outside the country have their work up on social media,” she said. 

Internationally acclaimed fashion and arts businessman Patrick Mavros applauded the award ceremony and said he was honoured to get recognition in fashion for the first time in Zimbabwe in his 40 years of being in the industry. 

“This was a phenomenal thing by young Zimbabweans to get a group of artists together as artists are controversial people, they are non-conformists. 

“To put these many great artists together and celebrate awards is just a fantastic thing for our country. 

“I hope this goes from strength to strength and we set an example for the rest of the continent and I know we are going to do it because we have the right people with the right enthusiasm. 

“This was wonderful, I felt very honoured because after 40 years in the International Art Industry I got my first Zimbabwean honuor, “ he said.

Below is the full list of winners:

1. Most fashionable male model :Tino Chinyani

2. Best clothing retail :Aygail Collections)

3. Fashion photographer of the year 

:Optimass Art studio 

4. Most fashionable female model 

:Hillary Makaya

5. Designer of the year :Zarguesia 

6. Hair stylist of the year :Gentlemen Corner

7. Best upcoming designer :Paz & Chivz

8. Stylist of the year :BLVK Consultants 

*9. Most fashionable Zimbabwean in the Diaspora: 

Danielle Simba Allen

10. Accessory designer of the year :Vanhu vamwe

11. Most fashionable business executive :

Boss Prichard

12. Fashionable music video of the year: Patati Patata

13: Make up artist of the year: Vault Cosmetics 

14: Fashion Art Designer of the Year : Ivhu Tribe

15: Fashion blogger of the year : Mutsa Mwale

16: Male most stylish celebrity: Passion Java

17: Female most stylish celebrity: Misred

18; Most stylish male artist : Mudiwahood

19Most stylish female artist: Queen Vee

20: Most controversial artistic style: Tocky Vibes

21: Most stylish male media personality: 

Arthur Evans

22: Most stylish female media personality: 

Rebecca Kucherera

23: Most fashionable social media personality, People’s Choice: Natalie Mhandu

24: Traditional designer of the year :

Victoria Manase Samsara

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