Zim exceeds 3m doses

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Zim exceeds 3m doses

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In another milestone in the national vaccination programme, Zimbabwe gave its three millionth dose on Wednesday, just 20 days after the two millionth dose on 22 July.

On Wednesday, the Covid-19 vaccination teams administered 20 628 first doses and 23 154 second doses, a total of 43 782 doses. That, added to the 2 973 830 given by Tuesday evening, took the total to 3 017 612 doses. 

On July 22, Zimbabwe reached 2 016 810, so over the next 20 days the teams jabbed 1 00 802 arms or an average of 50 000 a day. 

Simply maintaining that rate will mean 1,5 million doses a month, but efforts are being made to push the vaccination drive even faster.

The first millionth dose came up on May 29, more than three months after the programme opened. 

It took another 54 days to add the second million and only 20 days to reach three million, showing how the programme is being speeded up.

Of the 3 017 612, a total of 1 084 312 people had received both doses with the first doses total reaching 1 933 220, meaning sometimes this week, the two millionth Zimbabwean will be starting the vaccination process with the first jab.

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