Zim entrepreneurs break new ground

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Zim entrepreneurs break new ground Managing Director Mrs Madzimbamuto

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As the Government continues to roll out policies to ensure Zimbabwe achieves an upper middle economy by 2030, some local entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the supportive business and economic environment to tap into the various opportunities that have emerged under the Second Republic. 

This is seen by the number of Zimbabweans that continue to break barriers and venture into previously uncharted territories as they heed President Mnangagwa’s call for Zimbabwe’s re-engagement drive with the rest of the world. 

Such entrepreneurs include entrepreneurial couple Willard and Lovejoy Madzimbamuto of Have Dominion International Group (Pvt) Limited  who through one of their companies, Nature’s Treats Zimbabwe, have become the first local company owned and operated by young Zimbabweans below the age of 35 to get international  certification for  the export of organic agricultural products into Europe and North America.

The certification, which came after a rigorous and stringent audit of their company’s operations, including obtaining a number of all relevant documentation and a physical audit of the land to be used in production by French company Ecocert, is a dream come true for the couple. The export licences did not come easy and is a first of its kind in terms of scope, covering ginger, garlic, turmeric, sweet potato, moringa, honey and zumbani leaf for purposes of export.

Speaking on the certification process, the firm’s managing director,  Lovejoy Madzimbamuto said they are encouraged by the strides despite the demands of the certification procedures. 

“Despite the process being thorough and pricey, we have understood that a lot can be achieved with proper support and planning from consultants. 

This is a challenge to us young people and particularly young women to take farming seriously by exploring international opportunities,” Mrs Madzimbamuto said. 

The Government, through National Development Strategy (NDS1), has continued to implore Zimbabweans across sectors to actively play their part in growing the local economy. 

The success of the young couple also is testimony to the growing number of entrepreneurs in other sectors of the economy who are taking advantage of opportunities, including in agriculture, as encouraged by the Government. 

Notably, the Madzimbamuto couple took advantage in agriculture despite being professionals in other fields. Mrs Madzimbamuto is a civil aviation security expert whilst her husband is a legal practitioner in private practice.

Their company, Have Dominion Group International, broadly, is focussed on seven key pillars aimed at poverty alleviation. These include, enhance household and national food security, employment creation, sustainable livelihoods for economic freedom, contribution to the national and international economy, demonstration and  training of rural or farming communities on sustainable organic production.

The company also seeks to promote environmental awareness, achieve prosperous society,  empowerme of impoverished groups including children, youths and women and finally renewable smart energy and water sanitation. 

“We are a progressive entity and we are doing all it takes to provide a holistic approach to the diverse needs of our communities with a view to promote sustainable economic development. 

We are going all out to complement government developmental initiatives so that together we make a difference,” Mrs Madzimbamuto said. The young people also said they were working their way around sustainable social entrepreneurship so that they foster meaningful economic growth and community development. 

“As Have Dominion International Group, we are practising a social entrepreneurship concept where we are trying to help and influence our community apart from making money.

The Madzimbamutos are successful farmers and said much of the products meant for the export market under the new deal will be coming from their local farm.

“We have taken advantage of government policies in our agro based economy to practice sustainable agriculture.

Much of the produce to be exported will be coming from our farm where we have been able to produce well over the past few years. We have done our ground work and we are set for the top,” Mrs Madzimbamuto said.

The young couple has also taken upon themselves to empower their local community through feeding programmes for students in school.

“We want to be a socially responsible business entity and we have already set in motion plans to feed students in school around our farm. 

We want to actively participate in providing welfare for our community. Social welfare should not be a reserve for the Government, all responsible citizens must play their part,” Mrs Madzimbamuto said.

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