Zim Commemorates Defence Forces Day

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Zim Commemorates Defence Forces Day President Mnangagwa inspects the guard of honour during Defence Forces Day celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in Harare today.

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The Government will continue providing an enabling environment and the necessary tools to ensure that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) remains a well-drilled and disciplined force capable of adequately carrying out its mandate both on local and foreign deployments, President  Mnangagwa said today.

Speaking at Defence Forces Day commemorations at the National Sports Stadium, President Mnangagwa said the ZDF continued to fulfil its
obligations by contributing to international peace and stability through bilateral and multilateral engagements.

The ZDF, he said, has deployments on peace support operations under the auspices of the African Union and United Nations.

He cited the exceptional performance of Major Winnet Zharare while on a peacekeeping mission in South Sudan where she received the 2021 United
Nations Military Gender Advocate of the year award.

At today’s ceremony, Major Zharare also received a commendation medal from President Mnangagwa in recognition of her exploits.

“As a member of SADC, the AU and UN, Zimbabwe remains committed to contributing to international peace and stability and will continue moulding and training the ZDF and other security services to perform well in such deployments,” he said.

“My Government will ensure that the officers, men and women of the ZDF are continually trained, well equipped, and disciplined, including sending some officers, men and women for training in friendly countries, so that they can effectively respond to potential threats to national security.

“It was only last week that I officiated at the Zimbabwe National Defence University’s third graduation ceremony, some of whose courses equipped students with the requisite tools for analysis through a sound grounding on national defence and security strategic concepts. It is also pleasing that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces continue to benefit immensely from cooperation with friendly countries through military training exchange programmes as well as training assistance offered by allied countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Russia.”

President Mnangagwa also commended the ZDF for its other successes especially in removing land mines in the country.

He said the ZDF demining programme has been ranked among the top three best-managed Mine Action Programmes in the world over the past four

“It, therefore, follows that with adequate funding and other resources, the country is on course to finish the demining race by December 2025, in line with the Ottawa Convention on Anti-Personnel Landmines. I, thus, call upon those in a position to support our programme, to come forward and partner us in this noble programme,” he said.

To ensure morale among troops is always high, President Mnangagwa said the Government was alive to the need to constantly review the remuneration and conditions of service for the uniformed forces, alongside those of the rest of the civil service.

As part of efforts to improve the welfare of ZDF members, the Government reinstated the Military Salary Concept, and was now working on improving the transport and accommodation situation for the defence forces.

To date, he said, several buses had been provided to the ZDF with more to be disbursed soon.

Regarding the provision of institutional accommodation, the ZDF was in the process of constructing housing units for members across the country.

“During the period under review, the ZDF Construction Regiment completed 60 housing units at Dzivarasekwa barracks, with an additional 90 at
various stages of completion. At Imbizo Barracks 30 out of the 44 blocks of units are under construction and expected to be complete by year-end.

“In the same vein, the Government has embraced new technology to speed up the provision of housing units. A total of 130 Blocks of 12 flats are under construction at Dzivarasekwa and at Imbizo Barracks. Meanwhile, the construction of an Officer’s Mess at Jason Ziyapapa Moyo Air Force
Base is expected to be complete by year-end,” he said.

“Other projects underway include the renovation of six ZDF Camps namely; Charles Gumbo Barracks, 1 Air Defence Artillery Regiment, 1 Referral
Hospital, 1.3 Reserve Force Battalion, 3.1 Combat Group and 3.3 Reserve Force Battalion. Preparations for the construction of permanent structures at 1.3 and 3.3 Infantry Battalions in Plumtree and Chipinge, respectively, are ongoing.

“The Government is also keen on providing the ZDF with an efficient health delivery system through expanding Manyame Hospital to referral
status. The project is now 95 percent complete, with procurement of medical equipment underway.” – New Ziana

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