Zim charms UK investors Joy Makumbe

Talent Chimutambgi

Herald Reporter

The Second Republic continues to throw its doors wide open for investors, the Diaspora being a special target, with the bid to attract development through formulation of policies that create an enabling environment for massive production.

The New Dispensation led by President Mnangagwa is spearheading development under the mantra Zimbabwe is Open for Business which has seen the diaspora community looking for investment opportunities that are available, but also foreigners who are interested in a stable country with a growing economy and good investment policies.

A visiting delegation of investors from the United Kingdom comprising trusts, individuals and families have expressed their keen interest to invest in a number of areas.

They met Government officials to discuss opportunities that are at disposal ranging from energy, transport, aviation and housing. 

Government Ministries outlined a myriad of investment of opportunities that were aimed at embracing economic renaissance as part of ongoing efforts to attain national developmental priorities.

In presentations made by Government Ministries the potential British investors were shown opportunities that were in line with promoting renewable energy and enhancing infrastructure development to propel linkages on road, rail and air as well as refurbishment of dilapidated structures.

Permanent Secretary for National Housing and Social Amenities Engineer Joy Makumbe said the country was seized with meeting the housing backlog that surpassed a million homes.

 Eng Makumbe said there were policies that were in place to meet the housing demand, adding the implementation requires continual investment due to incessant rural to urban migration.

“Today is a very special day for the rest of the world as we commemorate World Habitat Day, as the Government, we are seized with counterbalancing the housing backlog that has reached the 1.5 million owing to continued rural to urban migration. This can only be achieved through collaboration of efforts to forge private-public partnerships,” said Eng Makumbe.

“Climate change ids being incorporated in the designs and in line to this we have adopted modern technology. As the Government, efforts are underway to provide modern and affordable houses and our focus is on the rural areas. Currently the Government is constructing flats in Mutawatawa to accommodate civil servants in Mashonaland East,” she said.

Eng Makumbe spoke of the Land Bank that was put in place for investors who opt to invest in housing.

Chief director responsible for strategic policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development Mr Nyikadzino Chifemo said they had an array of investment opportunities aimed at improving energy delivery.

“We have witnessed an upsurge in the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas and there is need to revamp its supply,” he said

Transport and Infrastructure Development Ministry’s chief director Mr David Jana said the available opportunities were on infrastructure development.

“We have roads and bridge projects that need upgrading to improve trans-border linkages. We also have the modernisation of airports and the construction of new ones in order to improve trade,” said Mr Jana.

He said some of the cities were constructed way back during the colonial era and they were dilapidated and required facelift.

Chief director spatial planning and development in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works Mr Shingirayi Mushamba said that Ministry was focusing more on investments in renewable energy that would suit the current changes in climate.

Mr Mushamba highlighted that they intend to transform most of the cities into smart cities that meet modern standards.

The Ministry was involved with upgrading roads, sewage systems, water and sanitation and bus terminuses as well as part of efforts to improve service delivery.

The relocation of Parliament to Mount Hampden would also mean massive opportunities of investment as there was land set aside for a hotel to accommodate visiting delegates and parliamentarians.

“There is land aside for developments for a hotel. This opportunity is available right now. There is a need for the construction of an airport for light aircraft for local and regional delegates,” said Mr Mushamba.

Mr Mushamba said master-plans for both Kanyemba and Manhize were ready for the development of these places.

United Kingdom Corby Town Council mayor Cllr Tafadzwa Chikoto said he was keen to invest in housing.

“I want to thank President Mnangagwa for such an opportunity and I would like to diffuse the hoax that Zimbabwe is not an investment destination. Zimbabwe is a good country and we have already started building houses and we shall continue embarking on projects of affordable houses,” said Cllr Chikoto.


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