ZIFA drops charges against ex-boss

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) acting chief executive officer Mr Joseph Mamutse has withdrawn fraud charges against former Zimbabwe Women’s Soccer League chairperson Miriam Sibanda and her two co-accused. Mr Mamutse last Friday told the court that the withdrawal comes after a board resolution. The board also granted Mr Mamutse power to enter agreements and sign on behalf of the association, to avoid complications in future.

Sibanda (54), Benny Mamoche (45) and Fungai Magoswongwe (35) were facing theft of trust property charges. The magistrate Mrs Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro granted the withdrawal after plea.

The trio was accused of stealing $20 000 meant to buy air tickets for the Mighty Warriors trip to Ghana ahead of their crunch African Games qualifier against Ghana in Accra in March last year.

They were represented by lawyer Mr Blessing Bhala. The prosecutor, Mrs Leonellah Chitanda-Matowa, alleged that the trio had the responsibility of sourcing donations for the national team.

They allegedly approached Freda Rebecca Mine in Bindura and requested a donation in cash to cater for air tickets for the Mighty Warriors’ trip to Ghana. It is alleged that they received $20 000 from Freda Rebecca Mine. The money was not remitted to the ZIFA finance manager, the association alleged, but instead the trio shared it.

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