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ZIFA have approved a number of coaching courses, to be held by the Soccer Coaches Union of Zimbabwe led by football legend Moses Chunga, to help develop the capacity of the men who guide local football teams.

The association and SCUZ have formed a very good partnership of late and Chunga believes that their bond will help to develop the game.

“It’s good that we are singing the same song with ZIFA and we want to commend them for that because we are both partners in the development of football in this country,” said Chunga.

“There is need for unity and we commend the work being done by ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze because he is committed to ensuring that we work together to develop key areas of the game and improving the capacity of our coaches is key.

“When you have such key institutions pulling in one direction, I can guarantee you that our future will be bright.” Mashingaidze recently wrote a number of letters approving the holding of the courses.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association hereby informs your esteemed office and person that your above mentioned courses (Level One Football Coaching Course) have been approved,” Mashingaidze wrote to Chunga.

“The courses are scheduled to run from 11-17 April 2016 at Vainona High School and 18-24 April 2016 at Glen View High 1 School respectively.

“The course fees have been pegged at US$100 (One Hundred Dollars) covering the course fee and other related costs. All payments must be done through the ZIFA office.

“We wish you the best in your endeavours as a development partner of the Association.”

Then Mashingaidze wrote another letter to Chunga on March 3 this year related to a CAF A and B Licence equivalent course in Bulawayo.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association hereby confirms receiving your letter dated 29th February 2016 and acknowledges the contents thereof,” Mashingaidze wrote.

“The association is in full support of this development as it is in line with the Memorandum of Understanding and also in line with the CAF objectives to upgrade coaches to CAF equivalent certificates.

“ZIFA supports this endeavour to upgrade coaches holding CAF C in the Southern Region to CAF B equivalent inasmuch the coaches in the Northern Region have already upgraded to CAF B.

“ZIFA is also amenable to your concerns to hold a CAF A equivalent course for the coaches who did CAF B licence equivalent in 2015.

“Please note that you shall be advised of the dates if due process with the Confederation of African Football has been finalised.”

Chunga said they were pulling in one direction with ZIFA.

“At the end of the day it’s about developing our football and leaving a legacy and I have always said it again and again that if there is a vision, which develops our game, I will always want to be part of it,” said Chunga.

“For some of us, Zimbabwe football is our life and we cannot just stand and see the game die and we have to be fighting to ensure that everything works and the system is oiled.

“People might have been asking about my whereabouts but I can tell them that I have been going around the country, deep in the rural areas, trying to get the young boys who can be developed to be the next Peter Ndlovus, the next Stix Mtizwas and I can tell you that we are really blessed as a nation when it comes to football talent.

“I have been busy and my programme is full right now and I am happy with what I am doing because, 20, 30 years from now, people will say that Chunga and his team did something for their nation and that is what matters to me not just short-term individual gains.

“I have always been one who puts my country first and I am happy with the co-operation we are getting from the school heads and the Association and we can assure you that we will destroy age-cheating and we will get the right aged-playing in their categories.

“We also intend to hold some administrative courses for the school leaders so that we speak the same language when it comes to coaching our boys.”

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