ZHF widen recruitment drive

Ellina Mhlanga Senior Sports Reporter

AS the Zimbabwe Handball Federation seek to continue with the selection of an Under-18 girls national team for their 2026 project, manager Emmaculate Matimbe says the return of competition will boost their efforts.

The national federation had a selection event on Saturday, at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex, led by Swiss coach Rolf Haussener, together with coach Cleopatra Mareverwa.

The project is similar to the one being implemented for the men’s side with the Under-21s.

Both teams are being assisted by Haussener to try and improve the sport locally.

“Of course, it was their first time to come for the camp, and among the girls who came, they were 15 and seven were selected into the team.

“And, from the seven, we are now looking forward to have camps with them.

“But, we are still selecting, we are still trying to find more girls so that we have, at least 14, 15 players for the vision 2026 programme.

“What we are looking forward to do is to have a very strong team that will compete at any level, for our country.

“Since we have just started our games because of the clearance letters that we got from the Sports Commission, I am expecting to pick more girls,” said Matimbe.

Haussener said there is still a long way to go but some players had impressed him.

“I can tell you I saw one girl and she was so talented in every way, she could run, she could jump, she was intelligent and she was a great communicator.

“I don’t remember seeing a girl at this age, who was so talented and, really, it was fun to watch her.

“And, besides that girl, there were about four or five players, where I can say okay, they have got a future, they are having a certain talent.

“But, of course, there were also a lot of girls where I had to say no that doesn’t make sense because of physical problems, or they don’t know the sport.’’

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