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ZHF to get relief fund

04 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
ZHF to get relief fund ZHF secretary general Edson Chirowodza

The Herald

Ellina Mhlanga Sports Reporter

ZIMBABWE Handball Federation secretary-general, Edson Chirowodza, says the financial support they are set to receive from the International Handball Federation will go a long way in keeping them afloat.

The association have been hit by Covid-19.

ZHF are expected to receive €6 000 from the international federation.

“We received a letter from the International Handball Federation following our discussion at the meeting,’’ said Chirowodza.

“They are going to give us financial support, in view of Covid-19, so we are going to receive €6 000.

“I am preparing the details they indicated we should submit, including the account details of the federation.’’

All local activities have been on hold and it’s uncertain when handball will return after it was classified among the high-risk sport codes.

“So far, we are yet to have a board meeting,’’ he said.

“But, based on the IHF recommendations, the grant is meant for the federation to reduce the negative impact of Covid-19.

“It will not end all the problems our constituency is facing but, definitely, it will manage to cushion us to some                         extent.”

The national federation also recently received financial support from a well-wisher for their national team project.

The project is focused on building a national team that can challenge for qualification to the 2024 Olympic Games.

“We have also responded to the Sport and Recreation Commission’s request to apply for support, so we have applied.

“We hope SRC will respond positively. Our clubs, provinces and athletes have also applied and we, as the national association, also submitted our application,” Chirowodza said.

Meanwhile, the national federation’s technical director, Farai Gwisai, said they have come up with online courses for their coaches.

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