Zhakata tours South Africa

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Zhakata tours South Africa Leonard Zhakata

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Leonard Zhakata

Leonard Zhakata

Yeukai karengezeka Arts Correspondent
After staging a successful show with sungura godfather Nicholas Zakaria last Saturday, Leonard Zhakata is set to perform in Western Cape again at a family show this weekend.

The Zora star who will be sharing the stage with Mathias Mhere this time around has promised another fun-filled weekend to his South African fans.

“After receiving an overwhelming turnout last weekend at Boksburg, I am having another show and this family show will be one of a kind.

“I am still in SA and everything is ready for the show to kick off and I am promising a polished act as this is the opportunity to rekindle romance with my fans here,” he said.

This first show will be on Saturday at Strand Secondary School and Sunday they will be rocking AFM Oasis Centre.

Mhere, who is regular performer in South Africa, expressed excitement about sharing the stage for the first time with the “Mugove” hit-maker.

“I perform many times in South Africa but what makes the difference is that for this time I will be with a great icon Leonard Zhakata and I believe the show will be a thriller,” he said.

Zhakata is currently riding high with his latest offering “Zvangu Zvaita”.

He is also topping radio charts with the remix of “Gomba Remarara” titled “Kwekuturira”, a song he did with Sebastian Magacha.

Zhakata rose to fame 20 years ago with the hit “Mugove” off the album “Maruva Enyika”.

He also has highly-acclaimed albums such as “Unochemei”, “Vagoni Vebasa”, “Upenyu Mutoro” and “Nzombe Huru”.

Mhere on another hand is riding high with his last album “Nguva yeNyasha” that has seen him enjoying the glory on the local gospel scene.

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