Zhakata takes ‘Soulmate’ to Glendale

0301-1-1-ZHAKATAArts Correspondent —
Veteran musician, Leonard “Karikoga” Zhakata and the Zimbabwe All Stars return to Tsungubvi Beer Hall in Glendale tomorrow for what promises to be an explosive show as the musician is expected to sample his upcoming songs including “Soulmate”, which should have been included on his previous album “Mutungadzese”.

“We will sample the songs one after another. ‘Game Changer’ has so far proved highly popular, so we are considering sampling what looks like another hit song, ‘Soulmate’, at our future shows before the release of the next album Mutungadzese Extended”, Ben Zhakata, the band’s manager said.

Zhakata has been very active since the beginning of the year. In addition to the usual club shows, he has been touring various parts of the country on community projects such as the hand-washing campaign on which he has partnered with Action Aid to promote hygiene in communities.

He has also been doing “I am a girl” project in conjunction with Plan International which promotes the well-being of the girl child and discourages early marriages and promiscuous behaviour among girls.

The song “Game Changer” is expected to be included on the next album has been played and well-received in these shows.

Zhakata is riding high following his victory in the Radio Zimbabwe 2016 top hits in which his songs “Madam Boss”, “Zvine Mwaka” and “Moyo Wekutenda” scooped the first, second and third prize respectively. Glendale is a naturally a good hunting ground for Zhakata.

He has done a number of shows in the town, which have been well-attended.

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