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Zhakata evades gospel mission

24 Dec, 2013 - 00:12 0 Views
Zhakata evades gospel mission

The Herald

ZHAKATATawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
ZORA musician Leonard Zhakata, who sometime this year announced he would focus more on his gospel calling than secular music, failed to take up his new mission. Zhakata, who released his latest album on Saturday titled “Zvangu Zvaita” made the announcement after reports that he had received a prophecy from United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa that he would be a bishop in his church.

Only three songs from the album, “Ishe Anesu”, “Rutendo Kunashe” and “Dhonza Makomborero” reflect his gospel mission.

Others, “Dollar Boy”, “Dofo Pahunhu”, “Wakamirira Vamwe” and “Chapter Yerudo” are songs that have the usual musician’s reflection of the society.

His announcement that he would turn from secular to gospel music did not go down well with some of his band members, who then left the group to form a new one.

But Zhakata failed to take his mission with the new offering carrying his usual messages and continues to stage secular shows in pubs and other public places.

The six-track album carries songs that would maintain the musician’s position as one of the best lyricist in the country.

The “Mugove” hit-maker said the announcement that he would do gospel work was blown out of proportion since he was still to go through various stages towards his new mission before quitting secular music. “People blew the statement out of proportion because of the prophecy.

“We are still staging shows as usual and our album reflects my position. There are no new developments yet and we will announce the developments as they come,” Zhakata said.

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