Zevgolis comes out of retirement . . . tackles 3-hour Endurance Race Mano Zevgolis (left)

Collin Matiza-Sports Editor

HE just couldn’t resist it!

Ace motor racing driver Mano Zevgolis has come out of semi-retirement and will this weekend be part of the country’s top drivers who will burn the track during the Fuchs Lubricants 3-Hour Endurance Race in Bulawayo. 

Zevgolis, who was a dominant force in the local drag racing and main circuit racing events, hung up his helmet last year and decided to groom his 16-year-old daughter Catherine. 

But after this year’s season-ending 3-Hour Endurance Race, which will be held this Saturday at Bulawayo Motorsport Park, attracted the cream of the country’s motor racing drivers from both Harare and Bulawayo, Zevgolis decided to dust the cobwebs, which had been gathering around his Honda CRX 2000cc, and will be making his way to Bulawayo this Saturday to be part of this grueling race. 

Mano has, over the past few years, won almost every race in the drags, main circuit racing and 3-Hour Endurance Race, and is now a legend of the sport in Zimbabwe. 

And his wife, Susan, yesterday confirmed that her husband will be part of this Saturday’s “star-studded” cast of the country’s top motor racing drivers during what is likely to be the most exciting 3-Hour Endurance Race in recent years in Bulawayo. 

“Yes, he (Mano) is definitely going to Bulawayo to take part in this weekend’s 3-Hour Endurance Race. He’s excited about it because I think he hasn’t raced all of this year mainly because my daughter (Catherine) was getting into racing. “So, his car has literally been parked after last year’s victory at the (same) 3-Hour Endurance Race and he’s only started looking after it I think a few weeks ago. 

“So, it’s all hands on the deck at the moment to get the car ready…He really has to up the stakes this year because I think there’s a record entry of turbo-charged and naturally aspirated cars. “His engine is a little bit tired and he’s going for broke so to speak as there’s going to be a huge number of entries for this year’s event… I think there’s a huge entry of 25 to 30 cars,” Susan Zevgolis said. 

Mano will be part of about 15 cars from Harare that will be travelling to Bula-wayo for this Saturday’s 3-Hour Endurance Race.

Speaking to Zimpapers Sports yesterday, Mano predicted a tough race on Saturday. 

“I think this is going to be a formidable race as there will be a number of turbo-charged cars and I think it’s going to be a very a exciting event.” 

The organisers of this year’s 3-Hour Endurance Race, Bulawayo Motoring Club, also confirmed that Mano Zevgolis will be the star attraction at this Saturday’s event. 

“Some say under his helmet, there is another smaller helmet and under there is another helmet. 

“Some say he ran 10seconds in Bulawayo with his engine turned off. 

“Some say if he wants he can make onysmo run 8s. 

“All we know he is called Mano Zevgolis the Zimbabwean genius. 

“Catch him live this Saturday at the Bulawayo Motorsport Park 3hr Endurance 2 December, 2023,” the Bulawayo Motorsport Club wrote on their Facebook wall yesterday.

In Bulawayo on Saturday, Mano Zevgolis will be joined by quite a number of Harare-based drivers and co-pilots who include veterans Phil “Archie” Archenoul and Richard “Mahobho” Robinson.

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Archenoul, who is now well on the other side of the 60s, is putting his helmet on again to tackle this grueling race.

Archenoul, a seasoned navigator who helped his close friend Jamie Whyte to win back-to-back African motor rally titles in 2009 and 2010, will this time around team-up with his son, Craig, for the 3-Hour Endurance Race in Bulawa-yo.

The Archenouls will be in a Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

They will be joined on the track by another Harare-based veteran motor racing driver Robinson who will have Steve Murton as his co-driver in a Toyota Cor-rolla.

The other top drivers who have already entered for this weekend’s 3-Hour En-durance Race are Jim and Hamish Perry, Calvin Rademeyer, John Dube, Dino Khamal, Justine Goode, Wayne Jardine, Quinton Holder and Bob Beaver.

Jordan Johnson, Ryan Winterboer, Denzil Bhana and Shane Shah are all set to burn the track at Bulawayo Motorsport Park during Saturday’s 3-Hour Endur-ance Race.

Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing which is meant to test the du-rability of equipment and endurance of participants.

Teams of multiple drivers attempt to cover a large distance in a single event, with participants given a break with the ability to change during the race.

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