Zevgolis blows opposition away in 3-Hour Endurance Race Mano Zevgolis (left)

Collin Matiza-Sports Editor

HE’S still simply the best, forget the rest!

Mano Zevgolis once again proved that he is a dominant force in local motor racing events when he blew the opposition away during the 3-Hour Endurance Race which was held on Saturday at Bulawayo Motorsport Park. 

It was brutal, beautiful, terrifying, exhilarating and just the most brilliant experience as Harare’s motor racing ace Zevgolis, who came out of retirement before Saturday’s race, recorded back-to-back victories in this demanding 3-Hour Endurance Race which marked the end of the 2023 motor racing season in Zimbabwe. 

Saturday saw a fantastic day of racing during the Bulawayo 3-Hour Hour Endurance Race. 

There was an amazing turn out of very well prepared cars and Zevgolis was a well-deserved winner in his Honda Civic.

Now a legend in the local motor racing world, Zevgolis left many shellshocked as he steered his car to victory. 

It was simply breath-taking as Zevgolis put in another solid show. 

In fact, it was a fantastic race day which was well organised with an impressive 30 cars entered for the 3-Hour Endurance race and 11 bikes for the 1-hour Endurance. It was a nail-biting biting finish to the event with the Toyota Supra closing on every lap whilst the Honda’s front left tyre started de-laminating. 

The Honda eventually had a blow out on the last lap and crossed the finish line on three tyres. 

This is the third consecutive year Zevgolis, in his hp lubes/Castrol Honda CRX, has won the 3-Hour Endurance Race despite some tough competition. 

Zevgolis has, over the past few years, won almost every race in the drags, main circuit racing and 3-Hour Endurance Race, and is now a legend of the sport in Zimbabwe. 

And on Saturday he was just once again at his brilliant best. 

A convincing win for the irresistible Zevgolis and that’s how matters unfolded during this year’s season-ending 3-Hour Endurance Race. 

Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing which is meant to test the durability of equipment and endurance of participants. 

Teams of multiple drivers attempt to cover a large distance in a single event, with participants given a break with the ability to change during the race.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s Rowan Whyte made his presence felt during the Roof of Africa Enduro Race in Lesotho where he finished the gruelling event placed 14th in his class with a total time of 13 hours 35min. 

The Roof of Africa, Lesotho’s premier hard Enduro event, kicked off in grand style at the majestic Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village. 

And Zimbabwe’s Whyte managed to last the distance during the three-day event in the mountain kingdom at weekend. 

Whyte, who is the son of two-time African motor rally champion Jamie Whyte, did really well and finished 14th in the bronze class out of 230 riders. 

The Roof of Africa is the oldest hard enduro race in the world being staged for the first time in 1967.

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