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ZC, SRC bury the hatchet

21 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
ZC, SRC bury the hatchet Tavengwa Mukuhlani

The Herald

Mehluli Sibanda Senior Sports Reporter

ZIMBABWE Cricket chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani believes that the lifting of the country’s suspension by the International Cricket Council was as a result of tireless work put in by all those involved.

Mukuhlani feels that that the months when Zimbabwe were frozen out by the ICC brought ZC, Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation as well as the Sports Commission closer.

“Our relations have actually normalised, we have had three months to work together for a common purpose and the lifting of the suspension is not a victory for Zimbabwe Cricket alone, it is a culmination of events where all three parties, Ministry of Sport, the SRC and ZC have worked hard to make sure it happens,” he said.

According to the ZC boss, the only way they could get the ICC to lift the suspension was to operate with a common intention. Mukuhlani attended the ICC meeting where the suspension was lifted together with Minister Kirsty Coventry and Sports Commission chairman Gerald Mlotshwa.

“You can only work together when you are in good books so actually the lifting of the suspension goes a long way to show that we are working together.”

He indicated that while they might not see things the same way with Coventry and Mlotshwa, but they have the same opinion that the sport must be suitably administered and get to flourish. Going forward, ZC will appraise the Ministry of Sport and the Sports Commission on their state of affairs so as to improve relations.

“We don’t agree on everything but we agree on one thing that cricket must be properly governed, must be run well, must develop and issues that need to be addressed must be addressed. Our relationship with the Ministry and SRC is very good, is cordial, we can only work to continue to improve it. Regular updates will be given to the Minister and the SRC on the goings on at ZC,’’ he said.

Zimbabwe had their suspension lifted by the ICC at the end of the ICC board meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates last Monday. ICC had temporarily halted Zimbabwe’s membership in July after the world cricket governing body deemed that the action taken by the SRC to suspend the ZC elected board in June amounted to government meddling in the running of the sport locally.

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