ZBCTV: Be creative this season

ZBCTV: Be creative this season

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Silver Screen
Good to be back after a long sabbatical on this column. I might not have been giving you reviews, feedbacks, commentary or analysis on television but know that I did not rest watching television. Today it is very common in industrialised countries for a household to have at least one television. In fact, it is so common that it is difficult to imagine a household without TV.

This shows just how important television is.

To understand how important television is, we can look at the variety of programmes and valuable content it offers and the purposes it serves in daily life.

First of all, there are many different types of programmes on television. The viewer can watch a weather report to prepare for the day. Cartoons and sport provide relaxation and fun.

School programmes, documentaries and the news teach us about the world.

Secondly, the content is very appealing because it is realistic and up-to-date.

As TV is a medium that combines moving, colour images and sound, it resembles real life, so the viewers can identify with what they see. Finally, TV can be used to enhance many important aspects of everyday life.

People seek entertainment and distraction, and TV can give us that in the form of films or cartoons.

People want education, information and instruction because they are inquisitive and like to learn.

TV gives us the world, other cultures, other people, languages and ideas. It introduces us to knowledge.

TV is an integral and vital medium today.

It can contribute positively to the education of society and people’s awareness of others, and it will continue to have a strong influence for many years to come.

I had to mention all these so we all know the importance of television in our lifestyle.

However, with the rains having started pounding in most parts of the country, it seems there is an element of renewal in everything.

Rivers that were threatening to dry up have received a major refill.

The same kind of renewal can be witnessed even on local television where not only the presentation by the quality of productions now showing on ZTV.

Even the resilience of the presenters can be felt through the screen. Talking of renewal, buoyancy and quality programming, nowadays there is nothing more comforting and warming than enjoying one’s favourite programme entrenched in a rug on the couch as the rain pounds outside.

It seems this renascence by the producers at ZTV was particularly crafted in order to suit the rainy season which is characterised by a lot of indoor entertainment and watching television is one such way of wading off boredom and the chill associated by the falling rains.

Late viewing and Prime time viewing have always been two of the segments that television buffs have enjoyed and programmes like “Fine Threads”, “Stars”, “Salute”, Beat of Love”, “Hip Hop 263”, and movies like “Escape from Cuba” have always enthralled viewers. “Aerobics” and “Coke on the Beat” have also helped in wading off the chill when the weather is chilly and keeping off the heat when the weather is hot.

There is also an impressive dose of local productions especially dramas and these have kept viewers in stitches with the pranks and antics of the actors.

With Zambezi Magic having been introduced, and broadcasting to the Southern African countries including Zimbabwe, what this means is that there is now more competition for ZTV.

This is one area where they have done their homework and have been urging scriptwriters and directors to put their all into productions.

In some areas where they witness load-shedding, TV viewing becomes more of a misery considering the fact that some of these people don’t own generators.

This is a plea to Zesa to ensure that load-shedding is done fairly. Sometimes, however, the power-outages would be beyond the viewer since lightning and thunder can also cause this anomaly.

All said and done, it is hoped that viewers will have their eye-full this festive season as they enjoy their favourite programmes on TV.

Also, ZTV should start making vigorous preparations for next year to ensure that the quality of programmes improves.

This includes investing in new state-of-the-art equipment to replace the ageing and faulty ones.

Some closed sources revealed good times are ready to roll for ZBC/TV. It is understood that in their plan for 2017 they have included the budget of uplifting the station from digitalisation to studios.

Charity begins at home, before sending content abroad let’s make it worthwhile in this country first.

We are now upon another award season and modelling pageant and we encourage ZBC/TV to kindly screen those moments and see what happens if they want to rekindle their love before year end.

Why having SABC or ETV for instance coming to report our entertainment scenes, when we can give a better coverage than foreign- based media stations?

Yes we want dramas and all but your live coverages should not only be confined to Parliament or galas.

On DSTV, “Idols” is the talk of town.

The penultimate show of “Idols SA” did not disappoint.

There was anticipation, excitement, tension and tears as the Top Three was cut down to two who would be competing in next week’s finale.

It had been a busy and exciting week for Tebogo, Thami and Noma. Not only did they record their first ever singles, but they also received VIP treatment in the form of a glam team for the shoot of the single covers.

Last night, they debuted their original music on stage, sealing their status as bona fide recording artistes and performers.

Noma was the first to give Mzansi a taste of her upbeat, finger-snapping ditty called ‘‘Want It to Fell Like It Did with You’’. Thami followed with his Afro soul love jam, ‘‘Sthandwa’’. Tebogo finished the singles showcase with ‘‘Do It Again’’, a reggae-rock infused dance number that had the audience bopping their heads and tapping their toes.

Just before Proverb announced the Top Two, the judges gave their predictions from last week’s performances. Gareth thought Noma was “sabotaged” with one of her song choices. Somizi and Randall concurred that the finale would be between Thami and Tebogo, while Unathi was non-committal.

But like Randall said last week, this is anyone’s game and it was proven when Noma’s name was the first to be called as one of the two who will be in the finale. A few seconds later, Thami was announced as her challenger for next week’s Idols crown.

The race to the finish started in earnest when Noma and Thami battled it out over two rounds. First up was Noma serenading with Jennifer Hudson’s ‘‘I’m Not Going’’, which led Gareth to proclaim that she “absolutely” deserved her place in the final.

“When I see Zwai Bala on his feet cheering like a fan, you should know you are good baby,” he said.

Thami’s counter song was a ballad version of ‘‘Sorry’’ by Justin Bieber.

“Your voice is like izambane ene butter (potato with butter),” was Somizi’s assertion.

Randall put the cherry on top when he said Thami’s “hard work and dynamism” were testament that “you haven’t just returned; you’ve arrived”.

Round Two saw Noma come back with an emotive performance of Rihanna’s ‘‘Stay’’, to which Randall responded “Shine bright like a diamond.”

Thami closed off the show with a stirring performance of Etta James’ ‘‘All I Could Do Was Cry’’.

“Take me to the water and drop me in the river!” Randall cried out.

What a way to waltz into next week’s finale!

More of this week’s entertainment was courtesy of a reunited Top 10 — minus Tebogo, Noma and Thami — who aptly performed Janet Jackson’s ‘‘Together Again’’. Bucie also came on stage, spotting a sexy baby bump and giving her usual great performance.

The Kalawa Jazmee crew gave Mzansi a throwback nostalgic kwaito medley with Mdu Masilela that had the crowd on their feet.

With only seven days left before the winner of “Idols SA” Season XII is announced at the finale in Carnival City, the battle lines have been drawn. Will it be Noma or will it be Thami? Let your fingers do the talking!

I rest my case and happy viewing!

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