Zarguesia shares French experience Ishamel Tsakatsa of the Zargue’sia brand displaying the national fabric with a model in Paris recently.

Senior Arts Reporter

Fashion designer and stylist Ishamel Tsakatsa, affectionately known as Zargue’sia, who came back from Paris after taking part at a prestigious fashion show, has learnt a lot about the industry in France and was willing to impact the knowledge to other designers. 

Zargue’sia showcased his Spring Summer 2022 collection themed “Stones of Fire” in France last month. 

In an interview, the talented fashion designer said the experience was not only amazing, but a learning curve in his career.

“The awesome experience was one of a kind. A lot of things were learnt and drawn inspiration from. The show was a huge success and was very impressive, massive brand awareness and penetration of the European fashion market and clientele.

“I learnt that determination, hard work and consistency always pay off, looking at how these now big brands and fashion houses started off. One should always continue pushing to the limits, nothing is impossible.” 

Zargue’sia said he was in the process of being incorporated into the official calendar of the Paris Fashion Week by the federation de la Haute Couture 

“On another note, one of the major highlights was the display of Zimbabwe’s national identity and heritage on a global stage when I showed up in our national fabric. This was an opportunity to change the narrative of Zimbabwean fashion heritage and status. 

“The national fabric made noise and raised a lot of interest from all around the world.” 

Asked how his collection was received, Zargue’sia said: “A women’s-wear collection themed ‘Stones of Fire’ was inspired by the inborn human ability to pursue purpose with courage and determination regardless of the challenges and obstacles faced. 

“Taking a literal example of a volcano, the hot molten lava is able to destroy anything standing in its way as an obstacle as it flows down.” 

Zargue’sia has also engaged some foreign designers for collaborations. 

He said he was planning to host a fashion show for locals to showcase the collection and new stuff. 

“We collaborated with a shoe designer from London, Simona Rusk,. Other collaborations with celebrities, fashion houses and magazines are still in the pipeline. We are planning a fashion show of a collection of garments made with our national fabric. 

“The main aim being to popularise the fabric for its cultural and symbolic role and preservation of our cultural heritage and values. 

The fashion show will also help educate people on how they can easily incorporate the national fabric into their wardrobe and every day from formal, casual to red carpet. The show date will be announced soon.”

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