ZANU-PF youths support Chinguno’s suspension Cde Chinguno
Cde Chinguno

Cde Chinguno

Cletus Mushanawani Mutare Bureau
Zanu-PF youths in Manicaland have thrown their support for the suspension of their provincial chairperson Cde Mubuso Chinguno, saying he was leading them astray. Cde Chinguno was recently suspended by the national Youth League executive for allegedly abusing $400 000 meant for stands for the youths in Chipinge.

More than three-quarters of the Youth League executive committee attended a meeting at the Manicaland Provincial Administrator’s Conference Room in Mutare where they unanimously endorsed the decision to suspend him. Provincial vice-chairperson, Cde Harrison Tuso, said Cde Chinguno’s suspension was long overdue because he had caused so much damage to the party, especially in Chipinge where most youths were duped of their hard-earned cash on the pretext that they would be allocated residential stands.

“The situation in Chipinge is so worrying. Most youths snubbed the ongoing Biometric Voter Registration exercise because of their disgruntlement over the non-delivery of the stands. A few turned out to register, something which we urgently need to address as the provincial youth leadership,” he said.

Cde Vonai Ndemera from Mutare Urban, hailed the decision to suspend Cde Chinguno and said: “Cde Chinguno was stopped in his tracks as he was about to bring the chaos he caused in Chipinge to Mutare.

“He was suspended when he was about to address youths at Sakubva Beit Hall over the issue of stands, which we say was a welcome development because he wanted to transfer his looting from Chipinge to Mutare. We want order and transparency in everything that we do. The provincial executive was now vulnerable because Cde Chinguno would throw around his weight and benefit from anything that he wanted.”

Cde Faith Muyambo from Chimanimani accused Cde Chinguno of being a well known political turncoat.

“Everyone knows that Cde Chinguno used to wine and dine with the likes of Munacho Mutezo, but today he wants the world to believe that he is Zanu-PF to the core. He was destroying the party from within. Although Cde Chinguno hails from Chimanimani, he failed to mobilise youths to register as voters. He is always in Harare and youths in Chimanimani are sheep without a shepherd,” she said.

Cde Kudzai Madhara from Makoni said: “We should have taken the lead as the provincial executive to call for Cde Chinguno’s suspension, but our leaders have shown us the light and we hail them for that.

“Cde Mubuso abused a lot of resources meant for the Youth League and he is trying to drag our leadership into his mess. We will not allow him to do so. All these years, he was misleading the nation into believing that he is a super patriot, but it is high time we expose all his shenanigans. During our last Provincial Co-ordination Committee meeting, as youths we all agreed that we rally behind the Women’s League’s resolution to have a woman Vice President, but we were all shocked when Cde Chinguno personalised that resolution.

“As the Youth League, we want to reiterate our support to President Mugabe and the First Lady, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe. Cde Chinguno has been tarnishing the name of the Youth League for a long time and he should carry his own cross. All investigations of abuses of finances should be carried out and he should be put to his defence.”

National Youth League executive member, as well as Central Committee member, Cde Betty Kudzi Dhliwayo, was named as the interim chairperson. She called for unity among all members.

“We should walk together as a team. There is no factionalism in Manicaland. We made an undertaking to rally behind President Mugabe in 2018 and we still stand by that resolution. We are fully behind President Mugabe and the First Lady, Dr Amai Mugabe. As the provincial leadership, we should step up our efforts in mobilising our ranks and files to register as voters,” she said.

“It will not help for us to claim that we are registered as executive members when the grassroots are not registered. Politics is a game of numbers, so we should all register.”

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