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Zanu-PF thunders• . . . launches business-friendly election manifesto • . . . centres campaign on unity, jobs, re-engagement • . . . focus now on economy than politics: President

05 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
Zanu-PF thunders• . . . launches business-friendly election manifesto • . . . centres campaign on unity, jobs, re-engagement • . . . focus now on economy than politics: President

The Herald

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
President Mnangagwa yesterday launched a business-friendly Zanu-PF 2018 election manifesto which seeks to promote investment and business growth in line with his vision to transform Zimbabwe into a middle income country by 2030.

Addressing over 3 500 ruling party delegates in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said zanu-pf’s focus was more on the economy than politics.

The theme of the manifesto is, “Unite, Fight Corruption, Develop, Re-engage and Create Jobs”.

“To this end, the focus of our party, as I outlined at the extraordinary session of the national people’s congress in December 2017, is no longer politics, politics, politics; but politics and economics,” he said.

“The days of politics without action are dead and gone. We must now more than ever before be determined to rebuild our country through resuscitating and modernising all sectors of our economy,” said President Mnangagwa.

In the manifesto, the revolutionary party pledges to transform Zimbabwe into a middle income economy by 2030.

“The party will focus aggressively on reopening the country for business with the global community so as to build our industries, create jobs, eradicate the scourge of poverty and uplift people’s livelihoods.

“As a party, we seek the renewal of the mandate from the people to enable us to extend our transformation agenda. The 2018 people’s manifesto unveils the immense opportunities awaiting Zimbabweans under the new dispensation by demonstrating the party’s commitment to fulfilling the aspirations of the people,” reads part of the manifesto.

Government is targeting an annual economic growth rate of six percent per annum in the next five years.

“Attaining an economic growth rate of at least six percent per annum over the period 2018-2023; targeting $5 billion annual foreign direct inflows and $10 billion in domestic investments; promoting equity, equality, gender balance and empowering the youths, women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups,” further reads the manifesto.

The party also said if given a new mandate, it would strive to achieve fiscal and debt sustainability and industrial and capacity utilisation of 90 percent by 2023.

Other targets include improving health delivery in line with Sustainable Development Goals by 2023, delivering 1,5 million medium-income housing units in the same period.

The manifesto will also seek to promote unity through capacitating the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission to execute its constitutional mandate in dealing with post independence era conflicts.

On corruption, the manifesto says: “Creation of corruption free environment in the private and public sectors; intensify the fight against corruption in all its forms; non-interference by the executive in the operations of constitutional institutions that combat corruption and initiation of a broad-based campaigns on the importance of upholding sound ethical standards across all sectors.”

The revolutionary party also intends to continue with its re-engagements efforts with international and regional communities as well as resolve outstanding international obligations.

Zanu-PF outlined various measures to address economic sectors that include agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, infrastructure development, health and education to create a diversified economy.

The manifesto acknowledges the various challenges that the country has faced over the years that include MDC-engineered sanctions, corruption, State capture by the G40 cabal, HIV and Aids and rising cases of non-communicable diseases and climate change but commended Zimbabweans for their resilience.

“The Zanu PF party under the new dispensation will restore our dignity and transform the livelihoods of our people. This will be achieved through effective, consistent and pragmatic implementation of the various programmes, projects and reforms articulated in this 2018 people’s manifesto,” reads the document.

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