Zanu-PF stance on Zimdollar hailed

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Zimbabweans yesterday hailed the move by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Zanu-PF to continue with the multi-currency system and urged the revolutionary party to pursue the sound economic policies in its manifesto to revive the economy. RBZ Governor Dr Gideon Gono dismissed rumours that the Zimdollar would be immediately reintroduced, adding that there were no immediate plans to do away with the multi-currency regime.
The RBZ chief said the next Government would be cautious and gradual about reintroducing the local currency.
In separate interviews, Zimbabweans said the local currency should be re-introduced after the indigenisation and empowerment programme bears fruits.
Midlands State University lecturer Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri said the local currency should be introduced after all the challenges that bedevilled the economy prior to 2009 were done away with.

“People still need that stability of using the multiple currencies,” he said. “It is only after some time and after the success of the Zanu-PF initiated indigenisation programme that we can talk of the national currency.”

Dr Mhiripiri said the re-introduction of the local currency should not be rushed as the empowerment programmes needed time to shape up.
“For us to see that the indigenisation programme has been a success we do not need 100 days, but we are looking at more than two years,” Dr Mhiripiri said.

The Zanu-PF government introduced the multi-currency regime on January 29, 2009 before the birth of the inclusive Government after the Zimdollar was rendered worthless by sanctions-induced hyper-inflation.

MDC-T tried to claim credit for the policy to the extent of citing it as part of its achievements ahead of the harmonised elections.
The party threatened people that Zanu-PF would re-introduce the Zimdollar if voted into power, a move that saw some people falling the lie.
Political scientist Dr Joseph Kurebwa said the local currency should come when the country was financially stable.

“The conditions that necessitated the introduction of the multi-currency should be out of the away first before the Zimdollar can be re-introduced,” he said.
Mr Christopher Gwatidzo, a lecturer at the Midlands State University, said the re-introduced of the local currency should be guided Zanu-PF policies.

“The 2013 elections were never about the Zimdollar, but about a choice between taking back the economy through enhanced indigenisation and empowerment programmes enunciated by Zanu-PF or drinking the poisonous JUICE from the MDC-T,” he said.
“People have now spoken and let us be guided by the Zanu-PF manifesto.”

After the elections, some misguided elements embarked on a campaign to foment alarm and despondency by claiming that fuel prices had increased and that South African officials had re-introduced a visa for Zimbabweans crossing into their country.

The rumours have been dismissed as false by the relevant authorities.

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