‘Zanu-PF renegades will not be missed’

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‘Zanu-PF renegades will not be missed’ Cde Matutu

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Liberty Dube Manicaland Bureau
ZANU-PF losing candidates in the primary elections who opted to stand as independents have automatically expelled themselves from the party for failure to adhere to party regulations, a Politburo member has said.

Addressing scores of people in Mapako, Nyanga South constituency, recently, deputy secretary for youth affairs Cde Lewis Matutu said those who had left the party to contest as independent candidates had no room in Zanu-PF, as they had failed to adhere to party regulations.

He urged people to rally behind Zanu-PF and its presidential candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, to ensure a resounding victory, come July 30.

“You need patience,” said Cde Matutu. “You need to continue working for the people. If you are Zanu-PF and you chose to stand as an independent, we will believe you have always been a renegade. You had a sinister agenda.

“It means you just wanted a position and we will not lose sleep over one person. I also contested in the Midlands (Zvishavane-Ngezi) and lost, but I am happy because for me it was a learning curve. Don’t follow renegades, follow Zanu-PF and principle.”

Cde Matutu, Youth League commissar and Cde Godfrey Tsenengamu, among others, contested and lost in the party primary elections, but have remained resolute working for the ruling party ahead of the elections.

“Accepting defeat in Zanu-PF internal dynamics is not a loss; it should make one strong,” said Cde Matutu. “I hear there are candidates who opted to go independent. I was telling people that the moment you walk out and opt to stand as an independent, even friends ditch you.

“Show them that Zanu-PF is home and we will not follow them. We will only meet in another life.”

Cde Matutu said time for gossip was over and urged the people to unite and work together for the good of the party and country.

“There is no loser in Zanu-PF; the only loser is one who fails to obey orders and stand as an independent,” said Cde Matutu.

His remarks come in the wake of incidents in which some some losing candidates in the party’s primary elections chose to go ahead and campaign to stand as independents after failing to stomach the idea that they had lost.

Talent Kadzima, for example, joined outgoing Mutare North MP Batsirayi Pemhenayi in ditching Zanu-PF and opted to stand as an independent candidate after losing to incumbent Nyanga South legislator Cde Supa Mandiwanzira.

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