Zanu-PF must stick to ideals, principles: SK Cde Khaya Moyo

Press briefing by the Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde S.K. Moyo on the occasion of 17th National People’s Conference 15 December 2018

The National People’s Conference is the party’s national event customarily held in December of each year. It is held in terms of the party constitution under Article 6 and it is non- elective. The main purpose of conference is for collective party leadership from across national structures to deliberate on various national issues as well as those that relate to the welfare of the party. Conference is then expected to come up with resolutions that speak to the wishes and aspirations of the Zimbabwean people.

This year’s conference is phenomenal as it convenes following a thunderous victory by the party in the just ended July national harmonised polls. His Excellency, President and First, Secretary of the Party, Cde E.D. Mnangagwa, gave a very comprehensive, enriching and guiding speech. Fundamentally:

He implored party membership as a whole to unflinchingly hold true to the party’s principles, objectives, values, ideals, ethos, customs and practices.

He urged the collective leadership of the party to be exemplary in their conduct and always be humbled and not to walk tall over those whom they lead.

He implored conference to come up with key resolutions aimed at fulfilling the electoral promises made to the people during the 2018 elections.

The President called upon the party to be united, shun factionalism and work towards achievement of party’s objectives. He also said that the party should up its efforts in fighting corruption.

On a high note, the President ruled out any prospect of an inclusive Government given that the people of Zimbabwe gave ZANU-PF a resounding and incontestable mandate to govern the country.

He placed emphasis on party supremacy over Government and urged both the party and Government to prioritise the economy over politics.

The President clarified that Zimbabwe is a unitary State. He stated that the national Constitution establishes provincial governments and these should be implemented to ensure that provinces benefit from their resources.

He advised that the land rationalisation process is progressing well and currently stands at 70 percent completion with only three provinces outstanding.

On traditional leadership, the President also urged the revival of the Zunde Ramambo/Isiphala Senkhosi agricultural programme and pledged support from Government.

The President said Government is aware of the plethora of challenges facing the economy, more particularly the health services sector which is experiencing erratic drug supplies.

He, however, implored the health professionals to be considerate in whatever decisions they make.

On another front, the President said that Government and business continue engaging in pursuit of a lasting solution to the challenges currently bedevilling our economy. He, however, warned business against malpractices and called for strict adherence to good corporate practices.

Delegates broke into thematic committees and deliberated on their respective topics. Conference received presentations from the following Thematic Committees;

1 State of the Party.

2 National Liberation and War Heritage.

3 Engagement and Re-engagement.

4 Women’s League.

5 Youth League.

6 Economic Affairs — including Provincial Economies. A number of resolutions were presented and adopted by the conference. Details will be publicised in due course.

Key among the conference resolutions were that Cde E.D. Mnangagwa is the party Presidential candidate for the 2023 harmonised elections and the party’s resolve to fight corruption.

In his closing remarks, the President and First Secretary Cde E.D. Mnangagwa congratulated the conference delegates for conducting a successful conference. He called for unity, honesty, diligence, uprightness, hard work and recognition of supremacy of the party over every individual and, above all else, the Government. Service to the people must always be the guiding compass with servant leadership as the key.

The President said that the party is in a transformative stage and this agenda should be pursued rigorously. Leadership should articulate this reform agenda and inform the membership in all the party structures. The party is undergoing modernisation and in that pursuit, it will ensure entrenchment of democratic values and principles. He, however, warned against those bent on abusing that democracy.

The President said that the conference has strengthened the party and that its longevity is guaranteed. He implored all delegates to report back to their respective organs and educate party members on the conference deliberations.

The President took excitement in noticing the extent to which party membership has grasped the concept of devolution of governmental powers and how provincial economies should operate. He wished every delegate and the party a successful and prosperous future.

His Excellency the President wished all delegates, party members, the party and all Zimbabweans in general, a successful festive season and prosperity in their future endeavours.

Ambassador S.K. Moyo, Secretary for Information and Publicity and Party Spokesperson.


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