Zanu-PF clears air on party structures


Manicaland Bureau
Zanu-PF Manicaland Province has cleared the air on party structures, amid speculation that there are changes to provincial executive on the back of last year’s Central Committee resolutions.

Speculation was rife that provincial structures were set to be changed, with the vice-chairman, Cde Joseph Mujati being said to be the first victim, and that other members were set to be replaced.

Cde Mujati is said to have been replaced by Cde Dorothy Mabika.

Zanu-PF Manicaland Province secretary for administration, Cde Kenneth Saruchera, said nothing had changed within the party structures.

Cde Saruchera said they were still bound by last year’s Central Committee resolution that reinstated members who were holding positions in 2014.

“What is happening is that we have been implementing the resolution made by the Central Committee that those party members who were fired in 2014 be reinstated to their former positions,” he said.

Cde Saruchera said there was a lot of confusion within the party as they were implementing the resolutions.

“So, this is what is affecting some people,” he said. “But we are trying to resolve this issue because those who were in these positions are now being assigned to other posts and they are being replaced by those who are coming back to claim their posts.

“It is not just one person who has been affected by this. There are many people who are being affected.”

Cde Saruchera said they were trying to accommodate every party member, including those who were affected by the November 2017 Central Committee resolutions.

He said the revolutionary party’s resolutions take precedence and they were bound to follow them.

“The resolutions state that those who were reinstated take over from those who were holding their positions,” he said. “No one is being victimised.

“We are just following the resolutions that were endorsed by the Politburo and at the Congress. It is not only the vice-chairman who has been affected.”

Cde Saruchera said the provincial executive committee would meet to discuss the matter and come up with a lasting solution.

“We will discuss on the way forward and come up with a solution during the provincial executive committee meeting to be held at a date yet to be announced,” he said.

“It is only after this meeting that we will announce the final provincial party structures.

“This decision was explained to everyone and it is not an attack on certain individuals.

“At the end of the day it is not about what position one holds. What matters is their performance within the structures.”

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