Zanu-PF chairs pay Mugabe tribute

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Zanu-PF chairs pay Mugabe tribute Cde Madiro

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ZANU-PF provincial chairpersons have described the death of former President Robert Mugabe as a loss of a unifier, saying the country’s history cannot be written correctly without his immense contribution.

Mashonaland West’s Zanu-PF provincial chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi said they were proud to have a son like Cde Mugabe who represented them and the country well.

‘‘It is with great sadness that as a province we received the news of the passing on of the founding father of our nation Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He is one of our great revolutionaries who championed the land reform programme and empowered so many families in Mashonaland West through the agrarian reform programme.

“As we mourn, we take heart that we celebrate your life worth lived. The history of this country cannot be said without your name popping up. Indeed, we are proud as Mashonaland West that we were privileged to have a son like you. Go well son of the soul, go well father of our nation, and go well a true African statesman. May your dear soul rest in eternal peace,’’ he said.

Cde Ziyambi

Cde Ziyambi further said: “Affectionately called Gushungo after his totem, the late founding father taught us self-worth, daring to stand up and challenge the West when it came to the birthright of Zimbabweans. Of note is his immense contribution in the education sector where from having just one university at independence, we now have at least a university in every province.

“Sadly, for his passion to give land to Zimbabweans he and the country were slapped with sanctions that have to date caused a lot of suffering to the ordinary Zimbabweans. But even in the suffering, we say thank you Uncle Bob for restoring our dignity, for not selling out and for believing in the human worth of the Zimbabwean people.”

Matabeleland South provincial chairman Cde Rabelani Choeni said not only the province had lost, but the world at large.

“We have lost a father, a guardian, teacher, leader, an icon truly speaking the world has seen it that we lost a father. Just like yesterday we lost Father Zimbabwe Cde Joshua Nkomo.

“What we have including independence, the successful land reform programme and now we are fighting an economic war. That is where he is living us today, we are in the struggle for economic emancipation we will miss him and his ideas,” he said.

Manicaland chairperson Cde Mike Madiro said the country had been robbed of a mentor.

“History of Zimbabwe from the Second Chimurenga up to the attainment of independence in 1980, the land acquisition, there is no history with integrity worth mentioning without Cde Mugabe. He was so defining, he worked for so many years with President Mnangagwa .

“He was principled and did not waiver principles for convenience, a rare quality because these days we have opportunists. There is so much that young people should learn in the leadership of the late principled leader Cde Mugabe including his stance towards homosexuality.

“Some may want to rubbish part of his later life, but we cannot be blinded to say his days were tainted by a few criminals who took advantage of his old age,” he said.

Mashonaland East provincial chairman Cde Joel Biggie Matiza said: “As a province we are joining the rest of the nation in mourning the passing on of our iconic leader who fought tirelessly for everyone’s freedom.

Cde Matiza

“His impact was and is felt on various sectors like education, agriculture and even politics.

“We have many schools and as an agro-based province we benefited much from the land re-distribution programme which he spearheaded. On the political side, Cde Mugabe made Mash East Zanu-PF strongest hub, you cannot talk of Mashonaland East without talking of Zanu-PF. We also remember him by his stance of sticking by the party constitution,” he said.

Midlands provincial chairperson Engineer Daniel McKenzie Ncube said the province salutes the roles played by Cde Mugabe pre and post-independence.

“We recognise him as a founding father despite the fact that his astuteness had been eroded by time, this does not erode his legacy which will remain in of our hearts. We say rest in peace,” he said.

Matabeleland North provincial chairperson Cde Richard Moyo said the country had lost a liberator.

Cde Moyo

“We have lost a freedom fighter who took the country from whites when they had pledged that not in 1 000 years we will rule Zimbabwe. Cde Mugabe’s policies since 1980 were progressive including free education for all, he also stood by his people.

“As of the land reform programme no other country in Africa will take over the way Cde Mugabe led us. He played his part as a leader even after resigning,” he said.

Mashonaland Central and Masvingo provincial chairpersons Cde Kazembe Kazembe and Ezra Chadzamira could not be reached for comment.

Harare and Bulawayo provinces are still working on new provincial structures following their dissolution in March this year.

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