Zanu-PF calls for due process … Substantiate no confidence votes … Call for police probe if need be Minister Chombo
Cde Chombo

Cde Chombo

Walter Nyamukondiwa Chinhoyi Bureau
Zanu-PF should reject votes of no confidence motions that are not preceded by thorough investigations and irrefutable evidence of the alleged offences, the revolutionary party’s secretary for administration, Dr Ignatius Chombo, has said.

Dr Chombo, who spoke in the wake of a spate of no confidence votes on officials in different provinces, said where crimes are alleged on party officials, due legal processes should be followed including police reports and waiting for court verdicts.

President Mugabe is on record condemning the wanton abuse of votes of no confidence in the party.

Addressing the Central Committee ahead of the zANU-PF 15th Annual National People’s Conference last year, President Mugabe said: “Kurwisana hakuperi? Iwo ma vote of no confidence akauya awa. Ko nyaya dzacho hadzitauriramwe here? Asi kana munhu asinganzwi zvirikutaurwa navamwe achida kutora gwara rake iye woga hongu anosungirwa kurangwa zve. Asi tinoenda ka netsikawo yekuti munhu anomboyambirwa. Try to correct each other, warn each other before you take action. It doesn’t help us.”

In his address to a Mashonaland West provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meeting at the weekend, Dr Chombo echoed the President’s sentiments saying no confidence motions should not be initiated on the basis of “frivolous and unsubstantiated” claims.

“Our disciplinary processes should be done to perfection so that there is no acrimony otherwise you will start hearing people saying the party has split. Some will say a person is being treated unfairly while others say it’s the right thing. Lay the charges accurately and clearly,” said Dr Chombo.

Zanu-PF has seen nearly all provinces trying to pass votes of no confidence against fellow members.

“It is expected that when you call someone for a disciplinary hearing, they are presented with the charge sheet so that they can consult if they want to.”

He said if done properly, no-one should have an excuse to leave the party because more people were needed inside than outside.

Dr Chombo said there were people looking for excuses to leave the party on the pretext that they were being unfairly treated.

“When your misdeeds are laid out well, people are quick to accept the punishment meted on them and stay in the party. We have to improve the management of our issues so that we do not have expulsions every week and every month. But that is not to say we should ignore when someone is wrong simply because we want them to stay in the party,” said Dr Chombo.

He said Mashonaland West province was coalescing well after disagreements of the past.

Vote of no confidence motions have resulted in recriminations leading to formation of parallel party structures in some provinces.

Dr Chombo’s comments come in the wake of reports by the provincial executive committee on the vote of no confidence motions passed against Makonde district Women’s Quota representative in Parliament, Cde Jennifer Mhlanga, on allegations of consorting with Zimbabwe People First elements.

The provincial Women’s League wants her expelled from the party and recalled from Parliament.

Joylin Munduna, Emily Maurukira, Idah Ngirizah and Martha Munondo were issued with prohibition orders and some recommended for expulsion for various offences including alleged failure to attend meetings.

Dr Chombo said disciplinary shortcomings in the party were spawning disunity.

This, he said, had resulted in some cadres rejecting the verdicts of party disciplinary processes and choosing to leave the party.

Central committee member Dr Phillip Chiyangwa weighed in saying Zanu-PF could not continue expelling members without closely scrutinising the charges they were facing.

“When you bring issues to higher bodies like the PCC, as the provincial executive you need to have done your homework thoroughly. For sure we cannot continue to expel people from Zanu-PF without first understanding if the person has indeed committed an offence,” said Dr Chiyangwa while addressing Cde Keith Guzah who is the provincial disciplinary committee chairperson.

“We do not want to lose people. The ideal is for people to come to Zanu-PF.”

Cde Walter Chidhakwa raised a red flag on moves by the provincial executive to bring issues to the PCC, which they had not concluded.

He said relevant organs of the party should do all the groundwork and bring recommendations to the PCC after thorough investigations.

The PCC was also attended by Mashonaland West Provincial Minister of State Cde Faber Chidarikire, who made remarks on the state of the party in the province and progress in food distribution, central committee, national consultative assembly members and provincial members among others.

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