zanu-pf an unstoppable juggernaut: SK Cde Khaya Moyo
Cde Khaya Moyo

Cde Khaya Moyo

Felex Share Senior Reporter
The landslide victory posted by zanu-pf in the Mwenezi East by-election over the weekend speaks volumes about how well-oiled the party is ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections, the revolutionary party’s spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said yesterday.

Cde Moyo said opposition parties stood no chance against the zanu-pf juggernaut next year.

zanu-pf candidate Cde Joosbi Omar romped to victory with 18 700 votes while his two rivals had a combined 868 votes.

Mr Welcome Masuku of NCA got 482 votes while Mr Turner Mhango of Free Zimbabwe Congress Party polled 386 votes.

Said Cde Moyo: “zanu-pf is a people’s party with an eloquent history of liberating this country from the yoke of colonialism and settlerism. zanu-pf under the tried and tested leadership of President Mugabe has delivered land to its rightful owners—the black majority of this nation. Unlike the fractured and disgruntled opposition parties, zanu-pf has principles, sound policies and programmes which address people’s lives.”

He said zanu-pf was on an irreversible mission.

“Through Zim-Asset, the zanu-pf Government is preoccupied with issues relevant to economic emancipation,” Cde Moyo said.

“In spite of past successive droughts, the nation has been blessed with good rains this season and through Command Agriculture, we expect a bumper harvest leading to food self-sufficiency. The Mwenezi East by-election and other previous by-elections send a clear message to the disorganised opposition parties that come 2018 harmonised elections, they will be buried forever.”

He went on: “Instead of being cry-babies and dreaming about a grand coalition, they should either disband and join zanu-pf or quit the world of politics altogether. They are a disgrace not only to their few followers but the nation as a whole.”

Analysts said the landslide victory by zanu-pf was proof of its close connection with the rural voters adding that the win was likely to replicate itself in many constituencies in next year’s elections.

The voter turnout was 41,9 percent in the constituency which had 56 000 registered voters.

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