‘Zambians want to keep PF in power’

02 Dec, 2020 - 00:12 0 Views
‘Zambians want to keep PF in power’

The Herald

LUSAKA. — Patriotic Front deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has charged that the overwhelming response from citizens to register as voters ahead of 2021 polls shows they want to keep the PF in power.

Mwanza added that even though the voter registration process was slow, citizens had so far exhibited patience because they wanted to exercise their democratic right of voting the PF back into government.

Speaking when he featured on 5fm’s Thursday edition of the burning issue programme, Mwanza said citizens were aware of the type of degrading politics that the opposition UPND was allegedly exhibiting and will ensure they are not voted into government next year’s polls.

Further, Mwanza said it was unfortunate that the UPND had continued using politics of insults, instead of concentrating on selling their manifesto to the people ahead of the elections. — 5FM

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