Zaka Zaka returns to the city


Arts Reporter
After spending the better part of his career touring the countryside, talented guitarist Zakaria Zakaria brings his Chilli Boys back to the city when he performs at Nice Day Sports Club in Southlea Park tomorrow.

The musician, who made a name as a guitarist for his brother Nicholas Zakaria’s Khiama Boys and as founding member of Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo, has so far released two albums although he is still in the periphery of the industry.

He formed Chilli Boys after parting ways with Macheso and most of his shows have been held in remote parts of the country. His return to the city could signal that the musician is ready to test the waters of the sungura genre that has been exposed to serious competition from emerging genres.

Zaka Zaka, as the musician is popularly known, said he has been slowly building his career and he is determined to make an impact with his upcoming project. He has so far released albums “Tererai” and “Zviroto” that formally introduced him in the industry, but he is still to claim a share of considerable popularity.

However, the musician believes the support he gets in the countryside will push him up the ladder and open avenues for him in cities.

“We are content with what has come our way so far. We have managed to do two albums and we have been doing a number of shows since we took off. We are happy to stage a show at Nice Day and we encourage sungura fans to come and sample what we have been preparing over the last couple of months,” he said.

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