Zaka folk lose 300ha maize, cotton to Idai

21 Mar, 2019 - 00:03 0 Views
Zaka folk lose 300ha maize, cotton to Idai

The Herald

Sydney Mubaiwa in ZAKA
Farmers here are counting their losses after Cyclone Idai destroyed 300 hectares of maize and cotton across Zaka, which was one of the worst affected districts in Masvingo Province.

Heavy rains and winds destroyed 230ha of maize and 70ha of cotton, according to preliminary figures.

Zaka Civil Protection Unit chair and District Administrator Mr Ndeya Nyede yesterday said teams were still on the ground assessing the damage caused by the cyclone.

He appealed to well-wishers and donor organisations to offer a helping hand.

“We are sending the statistics to the CPU HQ in Masvingo and we are waiting for direction on the way forward. We have some families that are homeless and we have engaged Red Cross for urgent supply of tarpaulin since the families no longer have roofs over their heads.

“In the case of those whose foodstuffs were destroyed, we are going to assist them with grain. We trust we will get more assistance from well-wishers,” he said.

Mr Nyede applauded Red Cross for timely responding to a distress call from the Zaka CPU.

“The Red Cross Society has already made donations to assist the cyclone victims. They provided tents, blankets and clothes to help some of the affected families,” he said.

He advised farmers who lost their crops to the cyclone to plant short season varieties like beans.

“I advise farmers who lost their crops to the cyclone not to lose hope. There is still enough time to plant and harvest particularly if short season varieties are used. Some can also resort to crops like beans that can mature over short periods,” he said. The most affected areas were ward 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 13;18 32 and 34.

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