ZACC rolls out publicity campaign Cde Chikukwa
Minister Chikukwa

Minister Chikukwa

Herald Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) yesterday launched a public education and publicity campaign aimed at building consensus on collective measures in the fight against corruption.

Harare Metropolitan Minister of State Miriam Chikukwa was the guest speaker at the event attended by various stakeholders, who also gave solidarity messages against corruption.

The campaign was launched under the theme: “You and I against corruption”, and will run until September next year. In her address, Minister Chikukwa said ZACC should assert its strength to combat and uproot corruption.

“ZACC has to hate and loathe corruption and must be much more insistent on good conduct and prudence in all its responsibilities,” he said. “ZACC’s anti-corruption values and public acceptance will lead to increased power to curb and destroy corruption in all its sordid forms. Corruption is a great menace and the cause of all our difficulties.

“What we need is that offenders must stop it or be locked up, and ZACC must acquire the ferocity of positive anti-corruption force of social control to induce positive integrity and character that must be projected at all times. “I see these anti-corruption measures and strategies must be made effective and judiciously devised to prevent corruption and to stop its tolerance and increase.” Minister Chikukwa said bribery and extortion had made people insensitive.

As such, Minister Chikukwa said, ZACC should lead in coming up with effective strategies and measures that would end corruption. Said Minister Chikukwa: “It is envisaged that this public education and publicity launch will generate multiple positive benefits, which include buttressing the fundamentals of Zim-Asset and the Presidential 10-Point Plan in pursuing an anti-corruption thrust through the launching of a strategy that is centred on a multi-stakeholder response to the fight against corruption and consolidating and strengthening the collective will to fight corruption.”

ZACC chairperson Dr Job Whabira said corruption should be dealt with as it was inimical to development. “Corruption retards development and it is also a threat to Zimbabwe’s national security,” he said. “ZACC is ready to deal with corruption and this campaign will provide a roadmap to provide a corruption-free Zimbabwe.”

ZACC commissioner responsible for investigations Mr Goodson Nguni said various challenges such as inadequate resources were adversely limiting the effectiveness of the commission.

“Just like any other Government department, we don’t have enough resources and we don’t have adequate staff, but we cannot hire new people because of the Government freeze on new recruitments.”

He said despite the challenges, they were doing their best through leveraging on the political will to fight corruption. Mr Nguni said while ZACC’s mandate was to investigate, the prerogative to prosecute lay with the National Prosecuting Authority. He said ZACC was going to increase its visibility in all parts of the country by ensuring presence at district level.

Several organisations that included the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, among others, gave solidarity messages against corruption.

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