Youths warned against social media abuse


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THERE is a bigger force behind abuse of social media in Zanu-PF bent on destabilising the party, through spreading disharmony, Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Pupurai Togarepi has said. Cde Togarepi said some political charlatans in the party were taking advantage of unemployment to abuse the youths in furtherance of their selfish interests. Cde Togarepi, who was addressing delegates at the 30th edition of the 21st February Movement celebrations, held at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments in Masvingo on Saturday, said Zanu-PF would set up a committee this week to investigate all reported cases of social media abuse with a view to bringing the culprits to book.

“Two months in my tenure challenges started to emerge — fights among the youths, abuse of social media, insults targeted at the leadership of the party become rampant,” said Cde Togarepi.

“The fights escalated, targeted at the leadership of the party of which I feel ashamed as the youth leader in front of my fellow Politburo members and the First Family who have been denigrated by these misguided elements.

“Cde President, in my view, the majority of these conflicts bedevilling some members of the Youth League are exogenous. I believe it comes from other people, not from within the youth league. The social media is a new development that can be harnessed positively for communication purposes but at the moment it has been used to spread venom and disharmony in the party.

“I suspect there is a bigger force baiting some of our gullible members of the party to these platforms as a weapon to destabilise the party and our great revolution.

“The million dollar question, Cde President is, is it as straightforward as we see it, juvenile delinquency, or is it more sophisticated? Who is behind this? Is our best State machinery failing to uncover the plot?”

Cde Togarepi urged President Mugabe to allow him to expel those who abuse social media from the party.

He said this was so because he was convinced that the target of the nefarious abuse was the people’s revolution.

“As for the gullible youths who are used as fronts and those hangers- on, please allow me Cde President to uproot them now before they become dangerous to your legacy and our revolution,” said Cde Togarepi.

“You told me Cde President to keep them busy but there are among them incorrigible characters who must go and must go now.

“Any members of the Youth League who insult leaders, abuse social media at whatever level I request your permission to dismiss them instantly from their positions.

“We intend to set up a committee to look at all these alleged abuses and deal with the perpetrators accordingly. In the same vein, those who should be forgiven for past wrongs should be decided by you, lest some among us build their empires of their own followers.”

Turning to corruption, Cde Togarepi said the vice was impinging on development.

He said the youths were the most affected by corruption and as the youth league they would fight it at all levels.

“As Youth League, we are not going to tolerate any corrupt activity. This time around tichabata munhu! Employment is a challenge Cde President. In the same vein, unemployment is the biggest challenge affecting the lives of young generations as a result of multi-faceted causes, chief among them being the illegal sanctions imposed on our nation by our enemies from the West and corruption among ourselves within our economy. The youth is the energetic age and the one with the future that needs to be built today.

“But as a result of unemployment and under-employment life has become difficult for them and political charlatans are taking advantage to lure our youths to engage in divisive behaviour and pursue self interests affecting the party today.”

Cde Togarepi said the Youth League would do everything to ensure the continuity of President Mugabe’s legacy from generation to generation.

He said the Youth League had partnered Arda in horticultural, business and housing projects to enhance productivity and promote youth empowerment.

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